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By Domen, Posted 21 Oct 2010

Yes, yes, yes. I am now officially a student of the University of Ljubljana, attending the faculty of Economics. The University of Ljubljana is Slovenia's top University and also ranks 76th on the world ranking. Facts and numbers aside: I am now living in the capital of Slovenia, which is Ljubljana, during the week-days. The life here is much faster than in my home town; it lives, it breathes and it has many options available for a young entrepreneur such as myself. I am working on several projects and living in the centre of Slovenia should be a big help in achieving these goals I have set upon myself to accomplish them.


It can become very tiresome as well, though. I have to take numerous buses per day to get where I want, and that takes a lot of energy. Now, I don't cook myself, because I don't need to - we get 20 coupons per month, each worth about three euro, meaning that we can eat relatively cheap. I can use one coupon every four hours, however, using more than 1 or perhaps 2 a day is stupidity. I have set myself to visit the national library every day after classes for topic revision. Up until now, I have visited the library once, but that shall change. My classes schedule is pretty neat, as I have none on Monday, and only six hours per each other day of the week, thus twenty-four hours per week - I had more in high school.


I will be or, I hope I will be joining a few groups in the vicinity of the faculty - such as the Management Group, and the school's council. We had an informational meeting with the Management Group yesterday, and there were around thirty of us. Only about seven get selected though and I think I got good chances, after all I visited their cabinet the first week of the classes and that got me many points. One has to fill out a form on their website, and also include the CV - well, the thing is, I forgot to add the CV, however I will send one additionally this weekend. If I come to the interview phase, then I am in. I can convince them easily that I am MG material - I mean, would you disagree? Those others have no practical experience in management or business, they aren't working on any projects, or so I assume for the majority.


The school council takes very few members in - if any. However, I took the initiative; I visited them and introduced myself to some of them. We now have to meet, the one I am in contact with and the council president.


These are all groups that will indefinitely help me achieve my agenda. This is all a part of my big plan, this is networking. I need as many connections as possible, and in three years time I intend to have some very "big" people in my network. Why three? Well, I'd finish the undergraduate programme in three years, and one from these three years I'd want to study in England. Then, I'd come home to do the diploma and then leave for England to do the major or even Ph.D in the end. Obviously, I'd never fully return to Slovenia - it has always been my dream to leave this place. I would only visit Slovenia to conduct business.


Well, these are all good things, but I can't forget the essence which is learning. Without that I won't finish the year and I won't accomplish my goals - even if the faculty of Economics is one of the easiest programs the University offers. Just think about med or law school, now that's something. For those who are confused with the term Faculty of Economics - this is like business school in the U.S or UK. Say - Harvard Business School. Although the school systems differ by a good amount, so we can't really compare schools or colleges.

This would basically be all for now. I will write again in a few weeks when I will have already had a few part tests. Hopefully, the results will be adequate.


Oh, one more thing: NoobFeed is preparing a podcast. Cian, the new Community Manager  and I are working on the program. We will have a guest interviewee - guess who it is? Tune it boys and girls and spread the word!

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  • avatar RON

    Reminded me of my uni days. I like your ambition Domen. Keep doing what you are doing now and it’s the right road you’ve picked for glory. See you at the end of the road ;)

    Looking forward to the podcast.

    Posted Oct 22, 2010

  • Keep it up what you are doing mate!!! Success will follow you!!!

    Posted Oct 22, 2010

  • You sound very dedicated towards being recognized as something big. I have a feeling that you will do well. All I can do I wish you good luck :)

    Looking forward to the podcast :D I'm guessing that the guest is The Dalf!

    Posted Oct 22, 2010

  • Good work Domen. Good luck in school, make good grades, and have fun!

    Posted Oct 23, 2010

  • I like to see that you are very enthusiastic about what are you doing and on top af all that you have big ambitions for your future. Keep up the good work as you're surely get what you wanted!

    Also, looking forward to the podcast!

    Posted Oct 23, 2010

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