The Return Yet Again Maybe Later

By DeltaX, Posted 18 Mar 2011

Hi everybody!


Just finished up another quarter. I did well in CS this time around, but math is just... ugh. I retook the class and I think I still failed. Granted, I did well on the first two midterms, but I'm adamant that I crashed and burned with the final (where everything counts, naturally). Crossing my fingers to hope I pass.


In the meantime, I've gotten Dragon Age 2 (yay! I LOVE MERRILL) and am playing the hell out of it. I've beaten the game once already as a warrior and am replaying it as a mage (and will do a female Rogue later on). I love how they changed the details on the faces, I can actually make my male Hawke look somewhat respectable this time around.


Oh, and I'll be posting a review on it, too, hopefully be tomorrow. So good to be back.



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  • Welcome back mate :D I hope you pass mate.

    Posted Mar 19, 2011

  • @DeltaX : welcome back mate!!

    Posted Mar 20, 2011

  • Welcome back.

    Posted Mar 21, 2011

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