The Humanity!1

By goliath, Posted 07 Jul 2011

So today, I finally bought a new computer a dell xps 420 which is a pretty solid computer intel quad core procesor 1 terrabyte harddrive, pretty good and I was gonna use it to start playing starcraft 2 becasue my computer is hmmm 7? years old now so it dosen't have a chance in hell to run it. Anyways I get the computer home and am in the process of plugging it in, moniter, speakers, mouse, power internet, Hey what is this chord, whatever I probably dont need it, Go turn it on and find out IT"S THE KEYBOARD!!! because mine as the traditional messed up plugin and not a simple usb my computer has no such port SOOOO I have no keyboard, my brand new copy of Starcraft 2 Sitting in the box waiting to get my new keyboard probably not till tommorow......... GAHHHHH THE HUMANITY!

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  • there is only one thing to say about, that sucks lol

    Posted Jul 07, 2011

  • Arrghhhm it happens sometimes. Hopefully you 'll get your keyboard tomorrow and you will at last play Starcraft 2. Trust me, if you like strategies, you 're just gonna love this game.

    Posted Jul 07, 2011

  • Finally you have a good rig for some hardcore strategy gaming. Will you be picking C&C4 too? Though SCII is enough to keep you busy for next 6-8 months. Strategy games can't get better than SCII.

    Posted Jul 07, 2011

  • @Ilias Yeah I know, I have played it before on friends laptop but im not sure if im getting my keyboard :(

    @Sleven Yeah its alright, I would have liked to have get a new studio xps but quite frankly it really is'nt in the budget right now, seeming as how a GOOOOOOD one would cost me a little under $2000 but well worth it.

    And I don't think I will pick up C&C4 unless I come buy oh I don't know a lottery ticket?, Just not enough money in the budget, I have to buy a new bass amp, new bass, guitar/ bass strings, Ipod new headphones some guitar pedals, just a bunch of stuff I need for now but afterwards, mabey.... plus I heard it isn't great and the units look like they were drawn by a 4 year old,


    Speaking of which has anyone ever heard of axe cop?

    Posted Jul 07, 2011

  • I feel you man!! Same thing happens when i see i dont have any mouse!!

    Posted Jul 07, 2011

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