Odd title, odd subject. This will be pretty damn simple. I forgot to post these semesters grades... LOL I've had them for about a month and a half.

A-   Finical accounting

A    Macroeconomics

B   Psychology

A+   English Comp

Friends I need to admit... I did nothing at all to earn those grades, I screwed around and only did the work as I saw fit. I never studied... I never stayed after class for help; hell all my free time was spent in the door room of a high attractive girl that was in my English comp (sweet bliss) to be honest that semester of college was a complete joke of jokes. But who cares, I'm going in to an apt this augs at Bloomsburg Uni. I'm ecstatic about going and I have my classes (I’ll post them when I stop being lazy and find them) I'm leaving for Portugal July 21 back the 19th of aug. When I get back I move in to my apt the 7th. That week I plan to do private things with a female friend of mine :D then go to college again... without internet most likely. Unless I get it for my phone.


Other than that... expect a shit ton more chapters of WiW when I get back from Portugal, I’ve a feeling after the second week I’ll get bored of getting drunk and harassing my cousins. Sorry for the long quietness, I’ll try to get another chapter up before I leave. And be more active. Oooooother then that, How have all of you been :P

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  • Guess you are just too intelligent for your own good :P haha Psychology most certainly is an amazing class I am taking college Psychology next year for my junior year in high school. I'm amazed at the grades you've made without trying ._. Some people just do great without needing to study though so I guess it's not a surprise. Also, seems like you have been having plenty fun then. I still have to get up to reading the rest D: and I've been good how about you?

    Posted Jul 08, 2011

  • I honestly thought you were gone fron NF and never expected to read any more of WIW. I almost forgot I was reading the chapters. lol. Those are very sexy grades btw.

    Posted Jul 08, 2011

  • No worries, it happens quite a few times. I remember myself studying and studying during my academy years in a certain subject (our grades are out of 20). In every single test I got 14 on the subject !!! In the final exams I decided to take it easy and just make so "re-runs"... Eventually I got 19!

    Posted Jul 08, 2011

  • reminds me of me back in my highschool days. i litterally slept through most of highschool....kept getting A's and B's in tests (math not included) and i could probably count in one hand the times i remember doing actual homework....

    Posted Jul 08, 2011

  • @CrazyTop Stop leaving me waiting on facebook !!!

    @Sleven I visit every day to check my inbox here. It's the best way to keep in touch with me. I've hit one hell of a writers block so i'm hoping i can force a chapter out in a week then pray that my time in portugal inspires me to finish it. Thank you with the grades lol


    @Ilias Were all differnt, i learn best by just showing up to class and listening. This why it's hard for me to learn things like, wood crafting or art. I listen and learn, not watch and learn.

    @dramus Highschool was amusing, I befriend all the teachers in the business wing, come Senior year, i roamed the class rooms, got free stuff from the school store, and screwed around on the computers.. all A XD


    @Ron read this blog :P

    Posted Jul 09, 2011

  • Writers block is something you can avoid. Good luck breaking it off your head.

    Posted Jul 09, 2011

  • @Knight >< sorry my bad

    Posted Jul 10, 2011

  • @CrazyTop Will you be on tonight?

    Posted Jul 10, 2011

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