In the heat of the night

By ILIAS, Posted 09 Jul 2011

We 're going deeper into July and we the Greeks know that real summer is coming strong. As of now, temperatures haven't been too high (highest was only 35C), while June was quite dodgy with many rainy days. But this weekend is gonna be the hottest of this summer (so far) with temperatures reaching 38C in some places.


The very strange thing is that I'm still totally white, meaning that I haven't gone to the beach this year at all!!! But come to finish my nightshift, I leave straight away for a little paradise (the name or the place I will not reveal) not so far away from Athens to swim, sit under the sun for looooooooooooooooong hours and enjoy the "sightseeings" It's just a mini-escape just for a couple of days, just to recharge my biological batteries and prepare myself for my proper holidays later this year...


I wish you all a very nice weekend, see you all soon.


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  • I wonder where that little paradise is.

    Posted Jul 09, 2011

  • It's always nice to remember those songs form the 80's. I'm also wondering where Sandra is because I only know a couple of songs from this German singer. As for the weather, summer FTW !

    Posted Jul 09, 2011
  • avatar RON

    38C is very common temp here. This summer we might hit 55. I should plan on taking a survival training at the desert. Might come handy in few years time. Anyway, enjoy your time there at the unknown and recharge yourself well.

    Posted Jul 09, 2011

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