Chapter 32 I hate the ocean

By Knight, Posted 17 Jul 2011

Chapter 32


I hate the ocean


                This morning was no better. The ground was still wet, the clouds hid the sun, and the fire went cold long before first light. It sure was one hell of a miserable night for Nicole. She grumbled to herself as she gathered her things and walked to the main camp. Sarwar’s report last night wasn’t unexpected. Rather it made sense to her. This army’s been targeting informants and scouts for so long that they felt that their enemy had given up.  Which wasn’t too far from the truth, but they grew soft and it lost them more lives than she was sure they would have liked to lose. She trudged along until she found Sarwar. She leaned on the cart he was by and looked at him.


“Why must everything be so wet?”


“Well, you see Nicole, when it rains. It gets wet.”


“Shut up… I was just trying to make conversation.”


“Hmm I see. You suck at it.”


“You suck…”


“Are you ready to go?”


“Nope, change of plans.”


“To what?”


“Just get me a horse and bring the army to the forests edge. You’ll know what to do when you see it.”


                Nicole mounted the horse with her things as they call reached the tree line. Sarwar still had no idea what she was planning. Her clothing was torn up; the sword was in her pack. She made herself look “roughed up” as she called it. It didn’t make sense. Sarwar looked at her with a stern face as she readied to go. She just smiled at him and took off. It made no sense.


                She ran that horse as fast as she could. She wanted to get to the gate guards as soon as she could. One of two things would happen. They would see her as a girl escaping from an attempted rape, or, they would try to take advantage of her. She was planned to deal with both, but no matter what they did, they would have to take her somewhere. Meaning she’d have the chance to get inside. As she neared the gates she started her act.


“HELP PLEASE! Someone help me!”


                The guards look up at her in shock, how they didn’t see her riding down the broad road was odd enough. They seem oblivious. As she rode closer she kept on screaming out for help. When she was within three strides of them she pull back on her mount so as to have it buck her and her pack off of it. She hit the ground a little harder then she planned, and because of it, she had the wind knocked out of her.


“Well well, what do we have here? Is it another of the camp’s whores trying to escape? You should know better than to run.”


“Oye, She looks like she be native to these here lands. Could she be one of the lasses from when we took this city?”


“A citizen of this city? Who cares… I’m sure her body is supple. She seems to have gotten away before anyone had a chance to take her. Now she’s all ours.”


                The two guards in blue steel each grab one of her arms and start to drag her in to the camp. She struggled to make it seem as if she was resisting. In reality she was hooking her packs strap to her ankle. One of them punched her in the side of her head. She hadn’t expected that. Slowly… things got dark and she blacked out. Nicole started to come two when she heard the two guards arguing across the room.


“I want to go first; I was the one that knocked her out.”


“Like hell you will, I’m the senior officer, I’m getting at her first.”


“It took us over an hour to get her here, can we just both take her at the same time? There are plenty of entrances. I mean, she’s not awake.”


                To her surprise, she was still clothed, and her pack was still at her feet. She lifted herself slowly, still slightly groggy. Without drawing attention, she slowly pulled the pack to her. Slowly she removed the sword and her Father’s, now hers, armor.  The guards were as oblivious as she thought.  She managed to both undress herself and then place the armor on. They only turned to when they heard the click of Nicole locking the sword in its scabbard.


“Oye, the bitch is awake.”


“I can see that, and it looks like she wants a fight. Let’s give her one.”


                Both of them stood and walked towards her, licking their lips and gestured with their hands. Nicole was on a mission and had no intentions of letting them do much more than that. Their job was done. Now it was time to remove them.


“Gentlemen, thank you for bringing in to my city. Now I’ll kindly take your lives and go.”




                Before they could even complete their sentence Nicole had shot two screaming balls of fire towards their genitals. Both of them collapse to the floor, trying to put the flames out. Nicole slowly walked over then, and as she went over them. She upturned her one palm, igniting the rest of their bodies in flames, burning them alive. They screamed as she walked out. Everywhere she could see men in blue steel. She grinned as they looked over to her.


“Hello, I’m Nicole Talson, Daughter of Lord Talson. I’m here, to kill all of you.”


                The men started to laugh, which on fueled her rage. Black lightning erupted from Nicole, traveling in all directions, leveling buildings; kill men, and slowly eating at all living things in the area. She watched as more of them started to swarm towards her. They really did look like an ocean.


“I hate the ocean…”


The clouds hiding the sun all evaporated with this burst of lightening. And as it all arced over Talson, Sarwar gave the order to reclaim the city.


“Today, no soul will live. In the name of our late Lord Talson, and in the name of his daughter, we reclaim our lost home.”


                With a unified cheer, everyone moved to attack.

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    I hate the ocean too. Too much water

    Posted Jul 17, 2011

  • What an evil move!! Very sneaky!!! I feel sorry for the guards!! It didnt have to end this way!!! And so the battle starts yet again!!

    Posted Jul 17, 2011

  • the last few paragraphs, while i wrote them, my brain was singing "Everyone you know is dead, do do doloo"

    Posted Jul 17, 2011

  • About time. I thought you were going to do more with those two guards. Thank God you didn't ;P

    Posted Jul 17, 2011

  • @sleven i can't be too... mean to her

    Posted Jul 18, 2011

  • Btw, why do you tag so many guys in your first comment knowing a lot of them won't be here to read.

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  • @Sleven : Maybe its his way of bringing back the users. Its not a bad idea after all!!!

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