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CIM Part Four: Onimusha 2 Final Thoughts



Release Date: August 28, 2002

Developer: Capcom/Flagship

Metacritic Score: 84

Total Completion Rate: 58%



Onimusha 2 was a pretty fun game. Don't let my completion rate fool you, I beat the game from start to finish, but this is one of those games that rates collectibles and alternate paths and so forth. I'm not sure it is possible to actually get 100% on your first time though, and I honestly liked the game but not enough to play it two or three times. So about, say, a third of the way through the game I died a bunch of times practicing a move. From that moment on the game asked me if I wanted to switch to Easy every time I died. I finally gave in and switched. I honestly wouldn't recommend it. Easy is just ridiculously easy. No challenge whatsoever. But it definitely helped in getting through the game pretty quickly. Like I said last blog, I like the combat, I like the setting, and the production values are pretty high, so I found Onimusha 2 to hold up pretty well. Obviously the control issues betray its creation date, but I didn't have any issue with them. Yea, I would have liked to control the camera at times, but I never died because of the faulty camera or controls. If you can stomach the graphics and terrible story then this is definitely worth playing even a decade after its release. It's about 8 hours long, maybe 9 if you play on normal, so it isn't a major time investment, and it can be purchased for only a couple of dollars.



I have to start this segment by saying that the cutscenes are pretty amazing. They aren't as great looking as they were ten years ago, but they still hold up really well. Onimusha is a series known for its outstanding CG cutscenes and this game definitely holds that torch high. The in game graphics are decidedly less compelling with the pre-rendered backgrounds looking blurry and the characters not animating amazingly well. It isn't terrible, but you can tell this is an early PS2 game. The graphics are never distractingly bad, but they certainly aren't great to look at.



I really have to give a call out to the amazing soundtrack which can be incredibly moving during the cutscenes. If it weren't for the terrible script and some average voice acting, this could have been a great story. Even with the bad script, the music still will stir your emotions. Capcom has never been known for its soundtracks, but this one definitely stands out as one of the best I have heard from the publisher. Likewise, the sound effects, while mostly stolen from the first game, still sound excellent. The combat just sounds deadly, with sword swipes and clashes really sounding very authentic. As I said, the voice over is a mixed bag, but it is definitely a step up from the VO in the original game, or in other early PS2 Capcom games like Devil May Cry or Maximo Ghosts to Glory. On this front Capcom gets a high mark. This audio is not dated in the slightest.



Onimsuha 2 is worth playing if you can get past the dated controls and camera. The combat is fun and flashy, and everything is just very polished. Yes the story leaves a lot to be desired, but it could have been worse. At 8 hours, this game won't take you long to finish, but for the dirt cheap price you can find it for, I'd say it is worth a couple bucks if you are bored for the weekend. Be forewarned though: if you don't play on easy than the final hour of this game will be brutal.



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  • If I could go back in time, I would probably play this game. But it's too late for me to try any old game now. Enjoying your articles mate. Keep 'em coming :)

    Posted Aug 08, 2011

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