Virtua Tennis 4

By Sleven, Posted 12 Aug 2011

Some of you already know from my previous blog that I've been playing Virtua Tennis 4. The game was very short and I've finished it 4 times already. Also posted my review on this game. Those who are interested, feel free to give a read.


Check out the review for more sexy images ;P


Those who are new and don't know my reviewing style. Don't be scared. My reviews are small and only talks about the good and the bad factors of any game.


On a second note, I've reached 5k tags. YAY :D

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  • Apart from the sexay images, there's nothing interesting about the game. :P

    On another note, don't worry about your reviewing style. Straight to the point and without spam: Awesome! 

    As for the emblem upgrade, what until Monday, let the new emblem enjoy its weekend...

    Posted Aug 13, 2011

  • @canana : Perhaps you aren't much of a tennis fan. Fair enough though. At least you enjoyed the sexy images :P Thanks for your remark about my review style. Means a lot to me :)

    Posted Aug 13, 2011

  • Small reviews are still good enough. Man she doesnt look sexy, indeed scary. just look at how she is staring!!

    Posted Aug 17, 2011

  • @Koshai I have tons of images but I can't upload them all.

    Posted Aug 19, 2011

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