Chapter 33 Orvani

By Knight, Posted 20 Aug 2011

Chapter 33



                Amidst the flames which eventually charred all it which it touched within a matter of seconds, and the sound of steel meeting steel, flesh, and stone, it was clam. It was by far the most tranquil feeling Nicole had ever felt. As she hacked away are each and every blue armored man she saw, she keep feeling stronger, as if these lives, as they fell, were being added to her. With each eruption of lightning that snaked from her finger tips, her heart’s yearning for revenge grew. It had only been a matter of hours before she’d has singlehandedly taken the towns slums. Or at least she assumed it was the slums, she couldn’t tell over the alluring scent of death. Could this demonic desire to take life be the drawback of her gift? Could this have been what drove her father to not only be so powerful, but to also be feared? She relished the feeling; know she was nearly equal to that of her father’s mentality.  She was sure that Sarwar was bound to notice. Frankly, she didn’t give nether a though or a care on his opinion of the matter. He’d never had stopped her from learning how to fight or use the part of her gift that he could teach her. But He’d never let her fight with the army, nor allowed her to read break the seal that kept her other part of magick sealed. That seal had long ago been broken, she was just sure Sarwar wasn’t aware of it. Well, if he was or wasn’t, there’s no way in hell that he’s not noticed.


                More bodies kept flowing at Nicole, as if they thought the numbers they threw at her would eventually kill her. She’d killed at least seventy of them so far. Relatively easy for her, none of which came in to the range she set for her lightning stood back up, and those she let in closer feed her blades lust. In her mind she was conducting a symphony and each life she strikes down was note correctly played. Should she make a mistake it would cost her pain or her life. She wish to have nether. As she walk up the stairway to what she believed was the market, she left a river of blood and blue steel in her wake. Yet they never stopped, but rather the numbers seemed to have grown. In the straight path she was in she was able to kill several of them in a matter of seconds. So effectively that they were waves of men to her. She had at least ten to fifteen seconds between each blast of power before anyone made it near her again. This was becoming a game to her. War, it was as simple as a game of chess. Kill before you are killed.


                She’d made it to a fountain, it was marvelous and across from it was the main gate. She could see the blue flowing towards it, trying to stop something. It was Sarwar and the army she’d brought here. Nicole assumed that it would be more interesting if she allowed them to partake in her symphony as well. With one fluid movement of her palm, a roaring and raging inferno of a fireball seared the very air as it past to the gates. Incinerating them on contact, allowing Sarwar to come in and join them. He’d not used his magick once yet, which bothered Nicole, but at the same time made sense. He was always clam and in control. Why would now be different.  She walked over to the battalion casually. The corpses had all been burned dry and the steel was all forming a puddle in the ground.


“Welcome to the party Sarwar, if you want anything to drink please help yourself. There’s plenty around.”

“Nicole, that’s the same thing I’d expect your father to have said. But what we are doing right now is much more serious then you may realize. We’ve only captured the gates and I’m sure you’ve left a trail of death that the main force can follow right to us. Do you have any idea how much harder things could be?”


“Why haven’t you used your magick?”


“What? That’s not important right now. What matters is that we need to move swiftly and take over before we are overwhelmed.”


“But Uncle, I asked you a question.”


“You need to stop calling me that and focus. We’ve a battle to win.”


“Answer me, you shouldn’t have a problem doing. You’ve never had one.”


“Later, for now, let’s move.”


                Nicole was aware that he’d no intentions on telling her, nor did she expect him to easily tell her. She moved with him and they fought trying to claim the main square at the entrance. Each step Nicole took towards the heart of Talson, the more power she could feel and the more she wanted to lay waste to the blue armors. She held the paths to the main square and Sarwar and several Generals set up some form of informational base. Apparently in many of the barracks and mail posts, much information, both military and common was found. Sarwar wanted it all so he could know what they were fighting. So far, they’ve found much more than expected.


                The Ocean as they’ve been called hail from far away. The nation’s name is Orvani. Travel from Orvani to Talson seems to be at least fourteen months. Supply orders are dated every two weeks to have been made and several arrived with roughly that time frame. Whatever compelled them to come here and expand was still unknown. The Orvani seem to write in the same language as these lands. Sadly that was much too convenient for it to have happened by mistake. Sarwar wasn’t sure what to make of this. He recalled that long ago before his great great great grandfather was born, of these lands being war torn until the ancestors his own united the east in order to settle the wars, rumors spoke of many people fleeing after the final push, and that as they left, they vowed they would return. He doubted that these men were them. All those in these lands have pretty much forgotten how the unification had happened. But it may be possible that they remembered, and held the grudge for so long.


                Many of the gathered records also explained the armor. The blue armor wasn’t just simple steel painted in order to look uniformed but rather this armor allowed the army to disappear in a sense.  Supposedly should eight or fewer men in armor are out on patrol they are able to conceal themselves with the help of the armor. A small amount of magick is released and the armor awakens making the wearer and itself transparent. The documents mention that should too many men be around, that armor has a hard time working in the presence of so many more, thus they stop working after ten or more men. This would explain their in ability to gather information on them. Their patrols were hidden in front of our eyes.


                Several patrol reports were also collected. Most disturbing about them his how relaxed they seemed to be written. Several of them mentioned how the men on patrol would spend several hours eating, sleeping, or enjoying themselves. Some even mentioned Sarwar’s patrols were toyed with as if kittens in a basket. Before they were all kill of course. Sarwar was in awe of how little they feared them. It was as if they had no intention of worrying. This attack to reclaim Talson is much needed; they would need to teach them who to fear. Sarwar then felt a tap behind him.  It was Nicole.


“Sarwar, you mentioned they could ‘disappear’ right?”


“Yea why.”


“They stopped flowing in, but I can the pools of blood being disturbed.”


“They are trying to toy with us aren’t they?”


“I think so. I assume I should kill them.”


“Yes, but before you do, so you know, none of them took your father seriously. Nor do they seem to take this army seriously.”


“So kill them slowly?”


“They also don’t take you seriously.”


“… I’m going ahead. Keep your distance.”


                Nicole’s rages started to flow slowly out as she walked out of the little defended are they had. She headed for the main entrance to Talson, to where her father’s home had been, to where her life should have started. To where all of the Orvani waited, she had plans for them.


                Her fury erupted as flames and lightning snaked up the main walk way, sending blood in every direction, covering those who were hidden. Each heart beat of Nicole’s sent out a powerful pulse of energy across the ground, pushing all those caught in it back. Each step she could the pulsations grew more powerful, with each step, her armor shined brighter, with each step, she wanted more blood.

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