Level 54 - Hog Wild

By canana, Posted 12 Oct 2011

Hog Wild is an arcade game released in 2003. A dynamic chase driving game, the player can choose to be one of 4 police officers. The aim of the game is to arrest as many outlaw bikers as possible before the time runs out. To add more challenge to the game the players needs to arrest a certain quota before he reaches the finish line.


Players arrest bikers by ramming their car into them, from the left, right or rear. To aid the players he gets a turbo gauge which fills up as he arrests the bikers. Once full he can use this as a speed boost to catch up to the bikers quickly, the boost can be used as half turbo or an extended full turbo.

Source: www.arcade-history.com

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  • A level blog after a long long time. You are the one should be making it though. You unlock them before everyone else :P

    Posted Oct 13, 2011

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