Like the PS4 a lot of rumors are spreading throughout the internet about what features these consoles will have that weren’t shown or discussed. A confirmed feature from the Xbox One, not shown at the press conference, is the “ability for gamers to have a friend take over gameplay remotely to help them through a difficult spot in a game and Kinect's ability to talk back to gamers.” Users can also use Skype to communicate with other players while playing their game, using Snap I assume, to assist one another. According to Polygon’s source while on Skype a message prompt came up asking if the player was OK and ask if they wanted the friend they were talking to take over control. Once agreed that player takes over and the other one watches, either player could end the remote play with the press of a button.

The feature wasn’t detailed completely, for example if users would both need a copy of the title or if this function came with a time limit. Also the issue of latency was discussed since the officials overseeing the presentation used a hardwired connection instead of a wireless.

The Xbox One will rely heavily on Kinect for voice commands, according to Polygon’s source, and will use facial recognition to store the information of anyone using the console after an identification process. In addition the Xbox One’s Kinect will feature a voice function, similar to iPhone’s Siri, but may or may not be available at launch.

If you remember Sony highlighted a similar remote play feature at the PS4 conference, powered by Gaikai, that will allow players to ask their friends for help over the internet and take over playing. Sony also conveyed that users will be able to stream live gameplay and interact with titles by dropping supplies to the users.

Source: Polygon

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  • Sounds like some cool features. Feature's I'd try once and never use again.
    Posted May 25, 2013

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