Ryse: Son of Rome starts with an inspiring speech from a Roman general during a naval seige, highlighting the new power of the Xbox One, we see catapults and arrows reign fire from the sky as warriors die left and right. The scene very familiar to Saving Private Ryan has you viciously killing your enemies using hand-to-hand combat and bloody execution moves such as ripping the enemy's throat out.

However a barrage of arrows still prevent you from moving forward, and must you a phalanx formation to move forward while archers attempt to shoot through the small holes that your shields cannot protect. Once inside it's all about taking the tower and ensuring the rest of the army can move forward, and to do this you must cut the legs and throats of everyone who tries to stop you.

Developed by Crytek Ryse: Son of Rome will be available on Xbox One at launch.

Adam Siddiqui
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