10 Best E3 Videos/Trailers

By Amaya, Posted 16 Jun 2013

E3 2013 is now officially over but its memory isn’t. Much has been discussed about the new consoles and many titles have been shown. Some of them are new to us and some are already known, and they will be talked about until released. NoobFeed Editor Adam and I have decided to pick out the 10 best and worst videos showed during this event. And here are the top 10 videos judging by their appearances, anticipations and gravities.

10. Batman: Arkham Origins

It was the Batman Arkham series that showed that a good superhero game was possible. Now Batman is returning to his roots to as he is hunted by the world’s greatest Assassins. The Dark Knight may not be as experience in Arkham Origins but, as the trailer shows, he’s a force to be reckoned with.

9. Dead Or Alive 5 Ultimate

Take control of the most elite, and well dressed, warriors in the Dead or Alive universe in Dead or Alive 5 ultimate. Team Ninja doesn’t hold anything back and shows every advance move, beautiful stage, and impressive physics that made the title such a hit.

8. Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag

What could be better than an Assassin? How about a Pirate-Assassin, with charm. In Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag’s new trailer Edward Kenway’s tracking, combat, and social skills shine as he travels between land and sea to accomplish his task in stunning flare.

7. The Order 1886

The Order: 1886 looks like Dishonored and Van Helsing combined into one creation. With a strange story that hints on the supernatural elements and what appears to be a secret order the trailer itself ensures that anyone watching will want to know more about those things these people are shooting at.

6. Rayman Legends

While no gameplay was shown Rayman Legends new trailer shows that the same wacky presentation and insane free-running mechanics of Rayman Origins is returning. It’s strange, insane, and all around awesome.

5. The Crew

A new racing IP from Ubisoft called The Crew dazzles the viewer with an amazing cinematic of a car being built and a high speed chase across with the police. And it ended with the players getting away and having their profile pictures, as well as other players, being displayed for everyone to see. A new form of Autolog I assume.

4. Tom Clancy's: The Division

While gameplay for The Division is impressive, what’s the story encompassing this world? At its core the worlds dedicate global infrastructure has crumbled due a plague and a Government response known as Directive 51. But the big question asked isn’t what you’ll do in a crisis but “What will take to save what remains?”

03. Watch_Dogs

Watch_Dogs has you living in a digital world where anything can be hacked into and altered. And in this trailer out hero, Aiden Pearce shows that his more powerful weapon isn’t his gun, but his phone.

02. Final Fantasy XV

Final Final Versus XIII, now Final Fantasy XV, has been in demand by RPG fans since it was first announced, and now we’ve been treated to a all new trailer showing the intense open-world action that fans first fell in love with. 

01. Tom Clancy's: The Division

Ubisoft highlighted an amazing selection of titles for everyone watching and attending E3, but Tom Clancy’s: The Division beat them all. The post-apocalyptic third-person online shooter mixed together known mechanics to create a rich trailer. 

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You are welcome to disagree with our choices and share your liked ones. Stay tuned for our next article on the 10 Worst E3 Videos/Trailers.

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  • For me has to be Watch Dogs!
    Posted Jun 17, 2013

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