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So, Seriously, if she hasn't played Metal Gear Solid bro, then she's too young for you.

By xC4Lx, Posted 03 Apr 2014

With the shameful money grabbing release of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes by Konami; voiced by many fans of the series, I just had to go back to the original Metal Gear. Where the copy owned was the full game, no prologue or DLC, just unedited, no need for a lengthy update or glitch fixes. The game released was the final edit. Boy, what a edit it was, facing the invisible ninja for the first time or even something mundane as Snake dying. It was all so amazing! The new Metal Gears graphics may have improved and the gameplay is still great but nothing will ever make an impact, as the introduction to the series did. Let's relive the glory days, not only in terms of story but when buying a game meant buying the game.

Metal Gear Solid,Original,HD,Remake,Solid Snake,Screenshots

A 1998 title available on PlayStation, which to my knowledge has never had an upgrade. I mean purely in terms of graphics; as the gameplay in this Stealth action game, Metal Gear Solid has proved to be one of the most influential series of all time, with multi-million in sales, game genius Hideout Kojima hailed as a true icon within the industry. Some may question the Lets revive of this title, with the release of the extended version for PlayStation and PC, MGS: Integral and the remake for Nintendo GameCube titles, MGS: The Twin Snakes, but hey, this title should be in Full HD on an Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 at least!

Metal Gear Solid was based in Alaska, and former members of the elite FOXHOUND unit has taken Liquid Snake as their leader; and they decided to follow him into the inevitable Armageddon you're about to drop on him, while he attempts to start a nuclear war.

As the lead character Solid Snake, it's your job to stop the baddies, save the world and kiss the girl. Holy mother! I'm James bloody Bond! Only next time I either get unlimited bullets or an invisible cloak.

If you have never played Metal Gear Solid then you really haven't lived; I can't imagine what the summer of 1998 would have been like without this. I might have had to go outside... Snake... Snake... Snnnaaakkkeee! Of course I went outside, yeah ok, to go around to my friends house to play some more Metal Gear Solid and show him how to beat that telekinetic, boss 4? Psycho Mantis, a member of the elite FOXHOUND unit. *Spolier Alert - Plug your controller into the second slot and he can't read your thoughts... C'mon, how freaking cool is that?! 1998 people!

Metal Gear Solid,Original,HD,Remake,Solid Snake,Psycho Mantis,Screenshots

Us gamers may not always want to go outside, the HD kinda sucks and the world we create in our own lives may not be quite up to scratch. I can't blame you but I can't defend you either; because there are those of us that haven't played Metal Gear Solid, we now realise our lives have been wasted on mine craft! As much as I like building stuff and showing off to the world with a world I created, I'd rather go into the 1998 world created for us by Hideo Kojimas, it's simply is a lot cooler in there. So, seriously, if she hasn't played Metal Gear Solid bro, then she's too young for you.

My first real memory of the game is, crawling through ventilation shafts and lighting a cigarette and not only watching his health bar go down, but just turning around to see him actually smoking. I loved it so much, it was so real, it had an effect too and was even a little joke between Snake and the Colonel in command of the mission. Snakes gotta have his smokes man, will always find a place to hide them! Talking about hiding, how the hell can you not see a box walking about?! Hahaha. Best gameplay ever!

Metal Gear Solid,Original,HD,Remake,Solid Snake,Screenshots

I absolutely, positively want this title to be re-made into today’s popular gaming stations: bring back David Hayter as Snake, VR missions, and diazepam for steady hands as we traverse through this tense, epic adventure, throwing stones and snapping necks along the way. It truly is one of the greatest games ever produced, which unsurprisingly was the goal set in the first place. No need to add anything really, probably just a little bit of ironing due to the advancements in graphical production made in our industry since its release.

Yours, can't say goodbye to yesterday, xC4Lx.

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