The Roach

By Nightember, Posted 24 Aug 2014

those who have come to know me have know i am a writer. I'm not really sure how many of those people are still around but never-the-less this is a poem of mine that won me an award and a place in a record book published for the year 2012. This is "The Roach" a writing literally inspired by a cock roach and comparison between it and my own life.


to the corner of my sight
a roach scurries by
looking for food again
just trying to survive

six little legs
and wings seldom used
but doing what he must
no matter how he is abused

not concerned with the process
or how the world wants him dead
only with his goal
to make sure that he is fed

no time to stop and breath
cant afford to tire
if caught for even just a moment
the concequiences will be dire

so with that he accepts his life
and trudges forward with his goal
achieving what he can with this chance
driven by only his instinct and his soul

as he's watched i understand
and decide to let him go
because in truth we are the same
his life is something that i know

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