There are many types of gamers out there: there are those traditionalists who swear by their beloved consoles, there are avid PC enthusiasts who spend hours in front of their computer screen enjoying the excitement of playing MOBA or FPS games, and there are those who prefer the convenience and smartness of mobile gaming. Then, there are those who like online gambling and online casino games.

Microgaming, Online Casino, Slot Games

Microgaming: A Leader in Online Casino Software

A part of the gaming industry in its own right, casino gaming has its own Who Is Who of the most important development studios. Microgaming is one of the legends in the field. Headquartered on the Isle of Man in the middle of the Irish Sea, Microgaming developed what is recognized as the first true online casino software in the world back in 1994. It was also one of the first to recognize the power behind mobile gaming by developing the first mobile casino software a decade later, in 2004. The numbers behind the company are impressive: its progressive jackpot network is currently the largest around the globe and has led to almost €850 million in payouts, while it is also responsible for a world record in 2015 when an online slots player won the biggest jackpot payout until then, going home with almost €18 million.

The Perks of Microgaming Online Games

Ever since then, many popular casino games have been developed that are powered by Microgaming and used in hundreds of the most famous online casinos worldwide, like All Slots and Roxy Palace. While they are renowned for their poker, bingo and other casino games, including live dealer casino games, they are perhaps most famous for their online slot games. One of the biggest advantages of Microgaming games is that they are regularly paired with no deposit bonuses by online casinos, which allow players to test the waters with minimal risk. A no deposit bonus lets a player try a new game for free and still go home with real money if they win, while casinos enjoy the added bonus of attracting new clients.

Microgaming, Online Casino, Slot Games

Online Slot Games Rise to the Top of Microgaming Games

One of the most popular Microgaming slot games series is the Mega Moolah slots, which the company has also combined with other slot games for a reimagined version. When talking about Mega Moolah Isis, for example, it is not hard to understand that Microgaming was onto an easy winner. The slot game uses the Mega Moolah progressive jackpot slot combined with the popular Isis slot that relies heavily on images from Ancient Egypt. The game is typical of everything that has helped Microgaming rise to the top of online casino software developers: it has a modern layout and stunning design, with images like the Isis and Hawk adding a hint of mysticism to the game. However, the design is not overdone but remains clean and seems to be respectful of its historical inspirations. The soundtrack, which focuses on Arabian vibes, combined with the sounds of the animals featured in the game, completes perfectly the overall Ancient Egyptian feel.

Microgaming has truly transformed the game when it comes to online casino software and online slots. Lately, the company has begun experimenting with Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality elements, so it seems that its best work is still ahead of us.


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