The start of a new year is always a popular time to start a diet, but unless it’s your first time ever then you know the perils of either sticking to it rigidly and losing little, or shifting some weight then gaining it back. If this sounds like you why not try something new? Here we look at some of the best weight loss supplements you could give a go in 2019.

A special blend of curry leaves, moringa and turmeric have evidence of success in triggering weight loss. It’s all natural, with no caffeine to keep you awake or provide a fake boost to your system, instead the three ingredients work together to break down fat and burn it as energy, while boosting the body with essential vitamins and other goodies.

As you’d expect, Slimvance is made from 100% organic ingredients and processed in approved and audited facilities. Taking Slimvance encourages your body to shed excess weight, especially from around the middle section. Slimvance is an amazing breakthrough weight loss supplement.

Phen 24
The clue here is in the name – Phen 24 is a weight loss supplement that works 24 hours a day, whether you are awake or sleeping soundly! It promises rapid weight loss, a feeling of fullness so your appetite decreases naturally, a faster metabolism so fat burns off more quickly, and better quality sleep – a factor said to really help with weight loss.

Garcinia Cambogia
This weight loss supplement contains Malabar tamarind, a delicious tropical fruit. This works by helping your body stop making fat, reduces cravings, and boosts your mood to bring a weight loss of around 4 pounds a week, week in and week out.


Proactol XS
This is a vegan weight loss supplement with positive results from clinical studies and a 60-day money back offer if you don’t agree. It contains a certified fat binder which helps with natural weight loss; a great choice for dieters who want a natural product that boosts weight loss and kills food cravings.

An ever-popular top selling weight loss supplement with great reviews from users, PhenQ is fast acting, packed with vitamins and ingredients to make you feel calm and happy. It also helps boost metabolism which keeps the speed of weight loss consistent, kills those sugar cravings, and contains ‘a-Lacys Reset’ a mix of alpha-lipoid acid and cysteine which fights radicals and supports speedy weight loss.

Fenfast 375
Designed to support weight loss through diet and exercise Fenfast 375 boosts your energy and provides extra motivation to eat well and move more.

3G Burn
A natural weight loss supplement, 3G Burn contains caffeine extract from green coffee beans and green tea leaf extract Boosted energy eves help you get more out of exercise and still take the time to eat well, which makes losing weight easier than it would be otherwise.

Every weight loss supplement brings its own special elements to the table, so you should find one that appeals from this list of the top products to use in 2019.


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