Nowadays, there is a large competitive scene around some games. Lots of school kids and college students are part of that scene. e-sports has been a thing for a while now and watching a match between professional computer gamers has become as common as watching basketball on TV. All the money and fame that comes with being a professional gamer is alluring to many gamers. This is partly why a lot of gamers aspire to be as good at the game they play as the pro players. Some people even consider becoming the pros themselves. Is this a good idea? Read on to find out.

Some things to consider

A lot of pro gamers break into the scene and join e-sports teams when right after school or while they are still in college. Few people are able to successfully combine college studies with other activities. Playing games takes time, so does completing assignments and meeting deadlines. More often than not, people who combine college studies with other important activities such as sports receive some form of academic assistance. Check out essay writing services reviews for the best sources of online academic help. Chances are, your favorite streamer or pro-gamer may be familiar with them.


Benefits of being a pro gamer


If you are passionate about a competitive computer game, then you can now literally make a living playing it. On average, pro gamers’ salaries range anywhere from $1000 to $5000 a month. This can accumulate to around $60000 a year in salaries alone. Taking into account the prize money from tournaments, a pro gamer can become a millionaire. The numbers speak for themselves.


Professional gamers also receive sponsorships from various companies. The sponsorships may involve monetary rewards as well as access to the latest hardware available on the market. It is also not uncommon for pro gamers to participate in advertisements of new computer hardware. Playing with the latest toys and getting paid for it is a dream come true for most gamers.


Pro gaming involves participation in a lot of tournaments on a regular basis. These tournaments can take place in different parts of the world. Meeting new people and visiting new places can make for some exciting experiences.


In certain parts of the world, pro gamers are as famous as professional athletes and are considered celebrities. In South Korea there is a huge scene around video games. Starcraft 2 is Pro players there are regarded as celebrities.


What does it take to be a pro gamer?


It is undeniably the most important requirement an individual must fulfill in order to become a pro gamer. Only the best players are offered sponsorships and places in e-sports teams. Just like in any other sport, one must show an exceptional level of play to even be considered for a place on a professional e-sport.


Some people confuse talent with skill. Although the two go hand in hand, the two concepts are not the same. Anybody can develop their skill at a game with enough practice. Talent involves a bit of creativity and a different look on the game. Each competitive game has certain winning strategies that most players use. While these strategies can be skillfully executed by players to achieve victory, it is the pro gamers people them from. The most talented players push existing strategies to the limit and develop new ones.


There is no shortage of skilled players in the world. If there is one thing that separates the pros from the rest, it is dedication. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect. This is why pro gamers regularly practice for up to 10 hours a day, sometimes more, if necessary. Playing a game for fun is one thing, playing it for living is a different experience. Being pro gamer, this is like going to work from 9 to 5, only his/her job involves playing video games. For some, this can prove to be harder than it sounds.



Most professional gamers are 14-26 years of age. This is the prime time of the life for most people. During these years, a person must decide what they want to do with their lives and take steps to achieve it. This is when most people start to attend colleges and universities while they are still young.

Being on an e-sports team is a lot like being on a professional team in any sport. A lot of people play various sports and only a handful of people become professional athletes. These are the people who are the best at what they do. Sometimes, people choose to cut time from other activities to pursue a professional sports career.

Nowadays, becoming a professional gamer and joining an e-sports team is definitely something to consider while you are still in college. However, being one of the best and performing exceptionally well requires skill, dedication, talent and a lot of hard work. If you think you have what it takes to be a pro gamer, give it a go. Getting paid to play your favorite game may prove to be worthwhile!


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