How Valorant Is Set To Take Over eSports

Riot Games seem to be building the framework for a game that could take over eSports.

By JakeJeremy, Posted 21 May 2020

Riot Games' new online shooter Valorant is set to take over the eSports world. Even though the game is currently in a closed beta? It is attracting some of the world's top eSports competitors to the platform. The game is also drawing some of the biggest numbers in Twitch history.

League of Legends Team

How is Riot doing this? Well, they're the minds behind the behemoth that is League of Legends, so they already have an impressive resume when it comes to marketing and implementing a free-to-play community format. On top of that? The company are managing to get top players from Overwatch and CS:GO to jump ship.

Valorant, eSports

Just to re-iterate, Valorant is still in closed beta; so these professional eSports players are jumping to a game that isn't even officially on the market yet.

Currently, players can obtain a beta key to play Valorant by watching one of the ongoing streams on Twitch. This has been an ingenious marketing move by Riot, who have managed to break Twitch streaming records with the sheer amount of players who are eager to get their hands on one of the beta keys.

If you create the market, hype and exclusivity for a product? Then you're going to attract buzz around your platform and get gamer's attention.

Sentinels Team

CEO of eSports organisation Sentinels Rob Moore recently discussed how the game is likely to be a huge part of the eSports world. "Everything about its launch, and Riot's track record, indicate that [Valorant's success] is the likely scenario" Moore stated. With that, Sentinels made a huge move recently by signing one of the first professional Valorant teams to their roster.

Overwatch Master Jumps Ship to Valorant

The squad comprises of four players (with one more spot to fill). And all players have experience in the likes of Counter-Strike and League of Legends.

Jay "Sinatraa" Won is probably the biggest name on the list of signees. The former Overwatch player was regarded by many to be the best Overwatch performer in the world last year, having won the Overwatch League as a member of the San Francisco Shock team. He also won the Overwatch World Cup with Team USA, and garnered enough praise to land the MVP award in both competitions. 

Valorant, Riot Games, PC Gaming

Can Valorant Be a Hit?

With Valorant managing to bring over such a mega-star in the world of Overwatch to their platform? It's a clear signal that there is promise from Riot Games and the eSports community in general that the game will be far reaching and just as, if not bigger, a hit than League of Legends.

It is worth remembering however that, technically, the game is unproven in the market. However with the team behind LoL and the vast impetus being put behind the competitive aspects of the new IP it almost seems like something catastrophic would have to happen for Valorant to not become one of the biggest eSports games of this generation. 

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