Some casino games require skill, and others require luck. While table and card games are still massively popular online, a few newbies are ready to change things up. While not as new as many believe, Aviator is rising in popularity - particularly over the past year.

Aviator is a game quite unlike what you’d find in a standard casino. Traditional betting lies at its core. However, unlike some slot games and card standards, the atmosphere and feel of the title are markedly different.

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What is it, therefore, that’s making Aviator take off with the masses?

It’s a ‘Crash’ Game

Aviator belongs to a category of games that usually fall under ‘crash’. These are games where you will bet money as you usually might, but there’s a difference. You need to take super care when you bet and when you cash out.

This makes this genre of the game fairly skill-based. It’s also based on nerve and gut feeling. The Aviator casino game revolves around bettors watching a plane rise across a digital field. The higher it rises, the more your bet is multiplied.

However, if the plane flies off, you lose your bet. That means you have to, ideally, pick the right time to ‘tap out’. This can make it a reasonably lucrative game - meaning it is picking up more and more fans all the time.

It’s a Different Kind of Risk

While all casino games carry risk, Aviator’s is markedly different. You can arm yourself with all kinds of blackjack strategies, for example, but Aviator will always rely on your nerve and resolve.

Therefore, you need to think to yourself after you bet - ‘am I going to follow this up high’? ‘Should I tap out now or push it further?’ It’s a fantastic edge to the classic gambling experience that’s quickly appealing to those who may be used to traditions.

It’s also a massively social game. You can chat with other players and bettors in the same window as the plane takes off. Therefore, you can see how well other people are doing. Again, as much of the game is down to gut feeling, it’s unlikely you’ll come across any ‘cheats’ or ‘tips’!

Anyone Can Play

The primary appeal of Aviator lies in its simplicity. Unlike poker, where you’ll need to spend a lot of time learning the rules, Aviator is ready to play when you are. One screen gives you everything you need. Therefore, you can pretty much pick it up and get betting from your mobile.

It’s the perfect casino game for the mobile generation. Yes - there will always be a place for the traditional tables and slots. However, Aviator takes the crash genre and adds an element of simplicity that’s hard to ignore.

Aviator is a game that many people love for the income opportunities as well as the social aspects. However, as with all casino games, you need to be feeling particularly lucky - and do you?


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