Winning In Apex Legends: 5 Tips And Tricks To Up Your Game

Apex Legends is undoubtedly one of the most popular battle games among players. Here are a few tips and techniques to master it.

By Druuna, Posted 11 Sep 2021

There are a few fundamental techniques that are a must to win in Apex Legends. Irrespective of how skilled a player is at aiming or assuming enemy movements, the absence of such practices in Apex Legends will make the game more difficult. If you want to stand tall as the winning player, you need to be aware of the key elements. These elements of Apex Legends will help every player to enhance their knowledge about the game and defeat the multiple teams of competitors. You can take a look at apex legends aimbot to know more about the game.

Apex Legends 5, Tips And Tricks

Here are 5 tips and tricks that you should follow if you want to up your game

1. Try to loot faster

Looting is the most difficult yet important part of this game in the initial time. Snowballing as a result of the loot tier and decisions will finally enhance your possibilities of winning the match. Choose your spot to land smartly. You should have proper and vivid knowledge of the build that you wish to run. Also, make sure to scan the area with focus.

Utilize your time adequately. You shouldn’t waste time in a death box rummaging through supplies. Go inside and come out quickly. Then try to move on to the next spot. The faster you loot, the quicker you will be able to gather a better build and stockpile resources. Moreover, if you are fast enough, you can easily scan through everything with haste. This will lead to some high-tier loot. 

2. Communicate well with your squad members

Communication between squad members is significant in Apex Legends. Irrespective of whether they are your friends or strangers, you should keep your communication clear. If your team is unaware of what is coming or the location of the loot which they are looking for, they can never be at the same pace as you.

Tell them everything that you feel might be important information. This holds all the movements made by the competitors, level three gear, and ammo for guns that are not being used by you. When you continue telling your team members about the surrounding, it also keeps your brain updated with the current scenario.

3. Learn about your weapon

Try to gain knowledge about the range of the weapons, their spread, and recoil. Having adequate information about the weapon can hold the fight to the next level.

However, for this, you need to have enough practice and observe the weapons. If you have good muscle memory of the weapon fires, it will be able to hold your aim. Learning about spray patterns is also beneficial for similar reasons.

Also, getting to know which weapon you should use in a specific situation in Apex Legends is important. Some of them depend on common sense such as not using a shotgun to kill an enemy who might appear to be very tiny from your position. Also, avoid using a sniper rifle in case of close quarters.

4. Zone other gamers

Pressurizing the enemies in a positive way will help you to keep your enemies away from the loot in Apex Legends. Don't waste your whole clip in an attempt to bring them down as soon as you see them. Instead, you can choose to give them a 'warning' signal through a shot and pursue them.

5. Be attentive to yourself and your teammates

Be observant about your playstyle in Apex Legends. This will guide you in keeping track of your skillset. You can have notes of your strengths in Apex Legends. Moreover, maintaining notes of your team members is also a good idea. Especially if you are playing with your friends.

The correct blend of legends also holds up the game to a great extent. You should maintain a proper balance in the legend complexion with a pinch of everything to ensure that your squad isn't lacking anywhere.


Practice is the key to perfection. If you continue to fight more, you will know when and where to start your game. Most importantly, this will allow you to earn experience and skills. Don't be disappointed even if you get knocked down. For more related content, you should stay connected with us. In case of any doubt, comment below.


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