We are in this era of competitive gaming where nothing but the best prevails. Best eSports teams participate at different levels of professional video gaming to beat the greatest scores and secure the highest ranks.

But, what do you think sets the best eSport team apart from the rest of their competition? It’s the passion for their craft and the perseverance that they show, which makes them stand apart from their competition.

Success in eSports is no piece of cake, and new teams challenge the bigwigs of the game every year to bag the top prize. Even though the current rankings are decided by the total number of points scored, fan voting determines the list of best eSports teams that would participate. 

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The best eSports team: According to their history of success

Following is the list of some of the most successful eSports teams whose rankings have been based on their history of success. So, fasten your buckle because these are the teams that you cannot afford not to know about.

Team Liquid

Founded in 2000 in the Netherlands, Team Liquid is one of the top eSports teams in history. Having played over 1968 tournaments, no other team can boast success as much as Team Liquid can.

Team Liquid started as a gaming clan and later expanded its roots to a Dota 2 team after focusing primarily on the StarCraft Community for a year. However, the team witnessed only mixed results until massive strides in Super Smash Bros and SC2. 

It goes without saying that Liquid houses some of the best and the most skilled players who have been contributing to the team’s continuous success. Their fanbase is as high as over 700k followers on their social media handles. Twitch, Honda, Monster Energy are some of the famous brands that sponsor Team Liquid.

Team Liquid is now adopting steps to drastically improve their mobile gaming front, procuring the first position in the Clash Royale League (CRL) finals. 

FaZe Clan

The vast media influence and the far-reaching skills of different players are what make the FaZe clan the world’s greatest eSports team. Making its name across different FPS games, FaZe Clan was founded in 2010, and this eSports organization currently houses around 35 professional players.

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, Fortnite, Counter-Strike Global Offensive is some of the most famous games in which the members of the FaZe Clan compete. The FaZe Clan has expanded its roots into other titles, including FIFA.

Besides winning high-dollar sponsorships, FaZe Clan has also earned some 9 million dollars by winning in different tournaments. Astro Gaming, Monster Energy, and HyperX are renowned brands that sponsor the FaZe clan.

100 Thieves

Known for its content creation and great competitive scene, 100 Thieves or 100T does not only have hundreds of players from different gaming worlds, but it also provides countless support to other streamers who play for entertainment purposes only.

What makes 100 Thieves so popular is its League of Legends performance, and their 2018 NACL championship also took the fans in awe. 

Despite having entered the eSports organization only a couple of years ago, 100 Thieves has been a constant presence since then. They also find their field teams in COD, Fortnite, Clash Royale, and Battle Royale.

Their exemplary performances and early accomplishments have helped them secure sponsorships from some of the most famous brands, including Red Bull Esports, Cleveland Cavaliers, and Razer. They have faith in the team’s potential future. Drake, a massive eSports enthusiast, also owns a part of this team.

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Originating in the United Kingdom back in 2004, Fnatic is next on the list of top eSports teams. Counter-Strike, League of Legends, and Dota 2 are some of the specializations of this Swedish build sports organization. 

Their consistent performance across different eSports communities makes them very popular. In 2011, Fnatic made history by bagging the championship in LoL’s first season game. Even though 2012 may not have been a great year for this team, their fans celebrated their comeback after they emerged victorious in the multiple seasons splits in 2013 and 2015. They have played over 900 tournaments, and their success in three major titles helped them to expand their legacy to Fortnite, Street Fighter V, and FIFA. 

Besides, this sports organization is also fueled by sponsorships from brands like BMW and Monster. 


Formed back in 2012 in the United States, this eSports team, also known as the Astralis group, has their teams playing in Dota 2, League of Legends, Counter-Strike, and many others. 

Their list of accomplishments remains incomplete without mentioning their domination of the Counter-Strike in the past decade. 

C9 has also made history by taking home the title trophy at the ELEAGUE Major where they won over the FaZe Clan members. In 2019, at the StarLadder Berlin Major, the C9 Sports community again bagged the first place trophy. They have played over 732 tournaments, and they only seem to keep growing.

C9 is one of the most famous eSports organizations, with their social media handles having millions of followers from all over the globe. Amazon Catalyst, HTC Sports, RedBull, and BMW are some brands that sponsor Cloud9.


Not everyone needs to be a player to enjoy the game. eSports teams thrive on their huge fan base, and as fans, you don’t just necessarily need to critique and cheer for your team, but you can take an active part in it. North America is the second-largest esports market globally, both in terms of audience and the revenue being generated.

As a fan of eSports gaming teams, you can now bet for them during an ongoing tournament on the top betting sites in the United States that have eSports lines available- making you feel the adrenaline rush and providing an active involvement in the proceeding of the game.

Today, the Esports community is not just increasing in leaps and bounds; they are also beginning to be hailed as milestones in the coming years. This gaming industry is now becoming the powerhouse for several games at once. To stand out from the crowd and be the best eSports team is no easy job, and it requires years of constant dedication and hard work.   

So, are you ready to begin your eSports journey?


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