The Valiant Hearts: The Great War sequel, created by Ubisoft, explores the significance of the Harlem Hellfighters in American history. Players must battle for their lives and solve riddles throughout this graphic novel adventure as they discover historical details and tales about these soldiers. The creators of the mobile game had stated what players may anticipate from it and the importance of keeping the Harlem Hellfighters in memory.

The first African American infantry unit to serve in World War I was known as the Harlem Hellfighters, also known as the 369th Infantry Regiment (initially organized as the 15th New York National Guard). They engaged in more fighting than any other American battalion and never gave the Germans any prisoners or terrain. In addition to their combat prowess, this unit included a regimental band of 60 members, under the direction of Lieutenant James Reese Europe. Not just Netflix. Popular sites such as feature multiple casino slots which are themed based on these heroic fragments from history.

The Valiant Hearts: The Great War Sequel

The Inspiration Behind the Game

These soldiers' efforts in the war were unacknowledged for nearly a century after the war ended, despite being one of the most decorated regiments at the time. They represent a moving chapter in American history, thus it was crucial that they were included in the game. The backdrop, conflicts, and events are real, even though the plot and characters are made-up. The team collaborated extensively with historians to ensure an accurate portrayal of the World War I events, including Alexandre Lafon from the former French memorial mission, Dr. John H. Morrow, Jr., and the 369th Experience, a non-profit devoted to upholding the history of The 369th Infantry Regiment.

Throughout the game, historical information is displayed to players, giving them a thorough knowledge of significant events that occurred during those turbulent times. Of late, Netflix has been collaborating with top video game manufacturers to offer an ensemble of TV Series and movie-themed games.

The Storyline of the Game

Coming Home starts in 1917, right as the United States sends its first troops into battle. Three new primary characters—James, Freddie's younger brother; George, a fighter pilot; and Ernst, a German sailor who, through no fault of his own, finds himself an unsuspecting participant in the war effort—join the familiar faces of Freddie and Anna. The game's 19 scenes, divided into three chapters, and 2.5 hours of gameplay, tell us the plot. Coming Home does a wonderful job of being concise with its story from the opening scene on, even ones meant to make the player uncomfortable.

For instance, the opening scene depicts James's enrollment, where he is made to stand in ethnically separated lines with one line receiving guns and the other receiving brooms for cleaning duties. In another scene, the player controls the medic Ana as she frantically races around a hospital treating injured patients, bandaging wounds, and removing shrapnel from limbs. Its conflict lacks both majesty and glitter, and victory is achieved by simply surviving rather than by dominating. There is always a sense of dread that things could go wrong at any time, even when a scene is lighter in tone.

What a Player Must Expect From the Game

Valiant Hearts' method to teach people about World War I is undoubtedly a unique perspective that sets it apart from the war genre, even though graphic novel games aren't to everyone's taste. Although it comes extremely close, the game isn't entirely linear. This is a nice return from the 2014 game as each mission has secret treasures that unlock diary entries illustrating actual events and objects utilized during the battle. Finding these trinkets is considerably easier than it could be due to the item placement, which is highly evident. Compared to its predecessor, the gameplay is simpler.


The game has a solo narrative even though it is based on Valiant Heart: The Great War. The second game continues in the same vein as the first, focusing on the intertwined narratives and intertwined fates of four unsung heroes, some of whom players may already have had an emotional journey with. Players will be immersed in an artistically distinct experience that takes them into the depths of the sea, the stormy skies, and the trenches of the Western Front in this animated graphic novel adventure.


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