With the rise of online gaming and streaming, many gamers have turned to YouTube as a platform to showcase their skills and build their following. But is it really worth the time and effort to create content for YouTube Gaming?

YouTube Gaming was launched in 2015 as a dedicated platform for gamers to share their content with an audience of like-minded individuals. Since then, it has grown to become a popular destination for gaming enthusiasts and content creators alike.

While YouTube Gaming can be a great way to connect with others who share your passion for gaming, it's important to weigh the pros and cons before investing your time and effort into creating content. In this article, we'll take a closer look at what YouTube Gaming has to offer and help you decide if it's worth your while.

YouTube Gaming

Is it Difficult Starting Up a YouTube Gaming Channel?

Signing up to YouTube and posting videos is the easy part, and anyone can do it if they have a computer and an internet connection. However, creating a gaming channel that gains thousands of followers can be challenging.

It takes dedication and effort to build a gaming channel, and it may even take you one to two years of persistence before you see results. Many gamers lose motivation and stop consistently posting if they don’t see immediate results on their channels.

The fact that you have to put in so much time and dedication to grow your channel without immediately being rewarded can be daunting. But in the long run, you’ll start seeing the fruits of your labor.

Disadvantages of Starting a YouTube Gaming Channel

Even though starting a YouTube gaming channel can be the easiest way to make money, there are some drawbacks to it. In this section, we’ll discuss some of the hurdles you may experience when you start your channel.

High Competition

One of the biggest disadvantages of starting a YouTube gaming channel is the high competition. There are already many established channels with millions of subscribers, making it difficult for new channels to gain traction. It can take a lot of time and effort to build a loyal following and stand out from the crowd.

Equipment and Editing Costs

Creating high-quality content for a YouTube gaming channel can be expensive. You'll need to invest in good quality equipment such as a gaming computer, microphone, camera, and editing software. These costs can add up quickly, and it may take a while to see a return on investment.


Creating content for a YouTube gaming channel can be very time-consuming. You'll need to spend time researching, playing and reviewing games, recording and editing videos, and promoting your channel on social media. It can be challenging to balance creating content with other commitments such as work or school.

Negative Comments and Trolls

Finally, starting a YouTube gaming channel can also expose you to negative comments and trolls. Some viewers may not like your content or may leave hurtful comments. It's essential to have thick skin and not let negative comments discourage you from creating content.

Advantages of Starting a YouTube Gaming Channel

The reason why so many people are starting gaming channels on YouTube is that it’s fun and provides an excellent opportunity to build their network. In this section, we talk about all the reasons you should start a YouTube gaming channel.

Building a Community

One of the biggest advantages of starting a YouTube gaming channel is the opportunity to build a community of like-minded individuals. By sharing your passion for gaming with others, you can connect with people who share your interests and build a dedicated following.


Another advantage of starting a YouTube gaming channel is the potential for monetization. If your channel becomes popular enough, you can earn money through advertising revenue, sponsorships, and even merchandise sales.

Endless Trends to Follow

The gaming industry is constantly evolving and changing, which means there are constant YouTube trends to follow. New games are released frequently, and each game has its own unique features and mechanics that attract different types of gamers.

By following gaming trends and exploring new techniques, you can create content that attracts new viewers.

Creative Outlet

Creating content for a YouTube gaming channel is a creative outlet that allows you to express yourself and showcase your individuality. By experimenting with different types of content and styles, you can find your voice and develop a unique brand that sets your channel apart from others.


Finally, starting a gaming channel can provide exposure to your other projects and endeavors. By including links to your website, social media profiles, and other channels in your videos, you can drive traffic to your other platforms and expand your reach beyond YouTube.

Final Thoughts

The answer to whether YouTube Gaming is worth your time and effort depends on your goals and objectives. If you're looking to build a community, share your passion for gaming, and potentially monetize your content, then YouTube Gaming may be worth exploring.

However, it requires dedication, consistency, and a willingness to learn and adapt to the platform's ever-changing algorithms. Ultimately, it's up to you to decide if the potential rewards outweigh the effort and time investment required.


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