ICE Casino offers its loyal customers a wide range of special benefits. To show how much casino Ice values its loyal customers, it has created a unique complimentary program where players can earn real money by simply placing bets! For each $10 spent on ICE Casino’s games (excluding live casino games), you’ll earn 1 complimentary point. What’s more, you can convert your complementary points into real cash. Simply head over to your profile section to do so. The total number of points you accumulate during your playing time at ICE casino corresponds to the specific status and level of the platform’s loyalty program.


What’s a Level and Status?

A level refers to the minimum measurement unit for your feats in the loyalty program at ICE Casino. The program comprises 99 levels. To climb up the ladder levels, you have to accumulate a specific number of points. Based on your progress at ICE Casino, you’ll earn one of the 10 statuses on the platform. Each status has its own unique benefits denoted by the exchange rate of points. As such, the highest-status VIP Diamond gives you the chance to exchange 100 points for $1.

ICE Casino Loyalty Program

Customer loyalty is always rewarded on online gambling platforms, including ICE Casino. While designing the loyalty program, ICE Casino ensured it benefits both its new and existing players. In that context, the site’s loyalty program is founded on three fundamental principles:

Every player, including new ones, can join the loyalty program automatically by making their first deposit.

- You can convert your earned points into real cash or casino credits.

- The higher the loyalty level, the more bonuses available to you.

There are 99 loyalty levels in this casino’s loyalty program. Once you accumulate 1 million points and climb to the highest level of 10th, you can access special bonuses and promotions and begin turning your complimentary points into cash. In this context, each $10 spent on games at ICE Casino gives you 1 point. From the highest 10th status, you can turn your points into credits with a 100:1 ratio. In other words, 100 points for 1 casino credit.

At the same time, you can benefit from a weekly cashback bonus and birthday bonus and activate a reload bonus each time you deposit during the week. All loyalty levels have these bonuses but with varying scopes:

- The complimentary points to casino credits exchange rate begins at 500 to 1 at the second Amator level and ends at 100 to 1 at the highest level VIP Diamond.

- The weekly reload bonus match begins at 10% and hits 90% at the highest level.

- The weekly cashback bonus refund rate begins at 3% and rises to 12% at the highest level.

Remember, making your first deposit will start earning you loyalty points. Once you hit 500 points, you can start enjoying all the loyalty program benefits. The program is open to every player and has something for everyone!

ICE Casino Weekly Bonus

ICE Casino players are also entitled to weekly bonuses to entice them to spend a little more time and money on the platform, where they can immediately start getting rewards. To be eligible for this bonus, do the following:

- Sign up for an account on their platform, start playing, and rise through the ranks to the 10th level, which is the highest in the site’s loyalty program.

- Activate the weekly bonus on either Thursday or Friday. You can do it on your profile. Bear in mind that the offer is available throughout the whole of Thursday and Friday.

- Deposit at least $10, and you’ll automatically receive your weekly bonus.

The total amount of weekly bonus you receive depends on your level of the casino’s loyalty program. Players on higher levels get bigger prizes, which can range from 10 to 90 percent but capped at $200. Make sure to continue playing for real money if you want a bigger weekly bonus. Players who spend more money and time at ICE Casino get bigger and better rewards. The weekly bonus on this site comes with a 40x wagering requirement. You must fulfill this requirement within 5 days of receiving your bonus if you want to win.

Become a Loyalty Program Member Now!

If you regularly log on to ICE Casino and play casino games, you’re eligible for a range of benefits in the site’s loyalty program. The more bets you make, the bigger your potential prizes. The lCE Casino loyalty program comprises 99 levels in total. Newcomers start at levels 1-9, while the highest level, Diamonds, comprises levels 90-99, whose members have accrued at least 1 million points on the site. Each $10 spent at ICE Casino, except for live dealer casino games, will get you 1 point. You can finally enjoy amazing bonuses and a steady stream of hefty bonuses by rising through the loyalty levels.


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