Since Dragon's Dogma 2 has been out for a while, many of you have gotten considerably farther into the game. Therefore, discussing the greatest weapons and other equipment you can find in various locales becomes second nature as you progress through the game. So, in this article, we will discuss the top weapons for each vocation in the game based on statistics and show you where you can get them. The majority of Dragon's Dogma 2's weapons can be purchased at the game's local armory. However, there are several remarkable weapons that can only be found in specific enigmatic places, and you will have to explore them to find them. Here are 10 great and effective weapons that you should test out.

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Cinderspine [Vocations: Warrior]

The Cinderspine hammer, which is one of the two flaming weapons offered in this Dragon's Dogma 2, has the potential to be the most powerful weapon in the game. What could possibly be more appealing than a massive, burning hammer that deals an incredible 150% damage to fire? The fighter can wield one of the highest direct attack powers possible with this weapon.

As a result, it possesses both damage and drip, which is an extremely lethal combination. What really puts the icing on the cake is the blazing heat that is coming from the head of this hammer. If you're making a Warrior build, you have to find the Cinderspine in the Mountain Base Cave, which is located south of the Volcanic Island Camp. You just need to be thorough when you are investigating the cave to find it. It is not too difficult to find.

Dragon's Dogma 2, Top Weapons, Cyclopean Thunder, Vocations, Warrior

Cyclopean Thunder [Vocations: Warrior]

The Cyclopean Thunder hammer is an absolute must-have for every Dragon's Dogma 2 player who wishes to assume the role of Thor. Cyclopean Thunder's knockdown power is greater than that of other hammers, like the Cinderspine, but its strength and magical power are lower. The Ring of Vehemence is a powerful combination with a warrior pawn that has additional stagger power.

Your chances of tripping and falling are much increased; your pawn will strike with the force of a train. With each swing, you can feel the tickle of lightning, and it's incredibly sad but satisfying. Cyclopean Thunder is pretty easy to find. You can find it by exploring the Darkbeasts' Den right down in Battahl. All you have to do is fight through some lightning-powered Saurian and boom get yourself the Cyclopean Thunder.

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Molten Fury [Vocations: Fighter]

Now that you’re exploring Mountain Base Cave, you can also find another weapon called the Molten Fury. The molten Fury is without a doubt one of the most effective weapons that a Fighter can have. When it comes to elemental weapons, there are those that give up pure attack strength in return for elemental inflictions, however, this particular weapon does not do so.

In addition to having great strength power, it possesses mighty flames. When you have an everlasting elemental enhancement, you don't have to rely on your Mage to cast a fire boost or ice boost or whatever else the Mage can do. Instead, you can benefit your allies by enhancing them with different elements, such as ice or power, which gives your team the ability to deal multiple types of damage, thereby increasing their lethality.

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Medusan Spellbow [Vocations: Archer]

The Medusan Spellbow is essentially the pre-end game bow in the game, and it is the one you should use if you are going to pursue the Archer build. There is no shop that sells this weapon, and it is most likely the only boss weapon that you will be able to use throughout the game. You will need to defeat Medusa to get this weapon, and once you have successfully eliminated her for the first time, she will then drop this bow. It is not overly difficult to find her, however. If you’ve already explored the Wyrmsblood Forest below Battahl, then all you have to do is drop by the Caliginous Depths which is located to the southwest of Bakbattahl in the Battahl Region.

From an offensive standpoint, the Medusan Spellbow possesses the most impressive statistics of any bow. It is also advantageous in that it provides a bonus experience gain while it is equipped; yet, it is 15 Weight, which is a disadvantage. Therefore, in comparison to the majority of other bows, it has a significant impact on your endurance. Nevertheless, I would recommend that any Archer build go for this bow because it is the greatest one that is available in the game.

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Siocadh [Vocations: Magick Archer]

Those who prefer not to utilize traditional bows may find these two unusual icy weapons to be rather effective. The Siocadh frost bow is without a doubt the most stunning bow in the entire game. The frost debilitation is really incredible, even though it does not have an insanely high potential damage.

All standard shot arrows will now inflict frost, and if you use an ice skill like the Frostseeker Bolt, the frost accumulation generated by that skill will be enhanced by 140% in addition to the frost damage it typically causes. Once you have mastered the technique of speaking Elvish, you will have no trouble acquiring this bow from Grisha's Armory, which is situated in the Sacred Arbor.

Dragon's Dogma 2, Top Weapons, Militant Dove, Vocations, Magick Archer

Militant Dove [Vocations: Magick Archer]

Additionally, the Elf Grisha can sell the Militant Dove bow, which possesses an effect that is distinct from any other bow. When you are attacked, it will increase the amount of damage you endure, but while you are standing still, it will regenerate and replenish your health. Considering that you are normally positioned in the back lines as Magick Archer, you can shoot out arrow skills like a devastating display of fireworks.

This is a great tradeoff. Why not use the Militant Dove if you consider that it regenerates health? Since you are required to remain completely motionless and not engage in any other activity, it is a little bit frustrating. You are not even allowed to draw back your bow while you are still healing.

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Frigid Finger [Vocations: Mage]

Most of us have selected our main pawn as a Mage and the Frigid Finger is just the perfect staff that you need for her. There are frost elements in the Frigid finger that are extremely similar to those in the Siocadh bow. This staff will significantly improve the frosty strength of ice spells by adding an additional 50% of frost on top of what the ice spells already inflict. Additionally, it will cause your regular magic attacks to deal with frost accumulation.

Its appearance is also reminiscent of a cool ice dragon, and the potential for it to have a drippy style is very great. This staff is ideal for a unique mage build that is skilled in frost power, and it possesses a strong magic power overall. You can find the Frigid Finger in a chest in the Dragonbreath Tower. You will arrive at this location as a result of a main story mission; but, while you are here, I strongly suggest that you investigate every corner of this tower. There are several weapons and things that can be obtained in this location, one of which is this incredible Dragonic Shield and the Frigid Finger.

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Anathema [Vocations: Sorcerer]

Now that you’re in the Dragonbreath Tower, you can also find the Anathema staff. Anathema is the ideal staff for a Sorcerer pawn, therefore if you have one, you should use it. It comes with silence debilitation, which means that if you use this staff to target other spellcasters, you have the ability to silence them and place them in a timeout, preventing them from casting any more magic. There is now the ability to use this on larger monsters that are also capable of casting spells, such as Chimera.

Adding a dark reddish feel to your overall attire would be a great way to complement it. Additionally, its magical potency is very powerful, especially when one considers how early in the game one can get this item. It is only the Archistaves that are in the very endgame that will be more powerful than this. Consequently, when you arrive at the Dragonbreath Tower, you should make it a point to properly investigate every place. Keep in mind that you can't access some sections unless you break certain walls.

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Framae Blade [Vocations: Thief]

One of the greatest daggers for Thief before the endgame is the Framae Blade, which can be purchased from the Volcanic Island Armory in Volcanic Island Camp. Although this dagger does not have any elemental bonuses, it does have significant knockout power and good strength, making it an excellent choice for any Thief build. It is always possible to grant the dagger an elemental boost by employing your Mage or by making use of grimoires that contain a variety of different types. This dagger has proven to be really helpful for me in bringing down large foes when I had to climb on top of them.

Dragon's Dogma 2, Top Weapons, Crimson Teeth, Vocations, Thief

Crimson Teeth [Vocations: Thief]

You might want to give the Crimson Teeth a shot if you find that the Framae Blade does not fit your play style. It is slightly weaker than its counterpart, but it has a greater knockdown power. Unlike the Framae Blade, you don’t have to buy the Crimson Teeth as they are thankfully findable just out in the Sal'Battahl Cavern at the Wyrmsblood Forest below Battahl.

This location is in the sort of very South area of the map, and it's a bit off of the path that you need to carefully follow with a marker. There’s a cliff where a few Gore Harpy attacked me and actually threw one of my pawns in the Brine. For some strange reason, I could never find her again even using the advanced search option at the rift. So, I’ll advise you to stay cautious when traveling in this area.

All right, fellow Arisens, that is all for now. I hope you find and enjoy these weapons and don’t let Dragonsplague ruin your Dragon's Dogma 2 playthrough.

Azfar Rayan (@AzfarRayan)
Senior Editor, NoobFeed

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