Rooted Might Just Be The Open-World Survival We Needed

Rooted could very well be the post-apocalyptic open-world survival game that most of us have been looking for.

By SnowWhite, Posted 28 May 2024

Open-world survival games set in a post-apocalyptic environment are quite frequent nowadays.  While survival games are vast in number, the majority of them feature zombies. Even the zombie survival The Day Before that launched last year was also a highly anticipated game but ended up earning an overwhelming majority of negative reviews on Steam. The Rooted, on the other hand, seems quite different. The game's enemies aren't zombies; instead, you'll face drones, PvP, an array of enemies, and more, giving an unprecedented level of realism to the experience. Developed by Headlight Studio, Rooted is an upcoming survival game that is both highly anticipated and widely considered the greatest of its kind, while it deviates from the norm by offering more than just that.

Rooted, Survival Game, Gameplay, Screenshots

It appears as though the world has become a frighteningly bleak place. You will be surviving in what appears to be a devastated, war-torn globe that is now in an apocalyptic state. Likewise, Rooted features bandits and dynamic environment settings too. This game is created on top of Unreal Engine 5 which is incredible. Since Unreal Engine 5 is now one of the most advanced game engines available, it is capable of producing games that are next-generation in terms of their performance. It is common knowledge that the graphics that are created with Unreal Engine 5 games are among the very finest in their category, not just in terms of visuals but also in terms of other elements of gameplay.

One thing that will set this game apart from all others is the fact that the non-playable characters will be terrifying. You are going to have to deal with a variety of online players who belong to different factions. These individuals will be your rivals, not zombies. Since zombies typically have a sluggish period in zombie survival games. Except for when you meet another person online, the game is mostly really dull. Zombie games are also fun great pastime but most of them are missing the thrilling moments that we usually look for.

Additionally, this game features a crafting and building mechanism. You can build your very own base. Building a single base for a player is always an option, but the game lets you construct many bases—or even a whole city—if you so desire. One of the best things about this survival game is that you get to choose where you want to build your house, which is already a huge selling point for me. In addition to this, you can hunt, prepare food, and even go fishing. The developers, Headlight Studio, have claimed that they are employing very high-quality production in this game, and the best part is that they have denied that it is an indie project.

Rooted, Survival Game, Gameplay, Screenshots

So far, the developers have been incredibly straightforward and have never been hesitant about providing new gameplay footage. Their abundance of real gameplay footage—as opposed to the generated footage shown the day before—makes it abundantly clear that this game is not fiction. The developers have announced on Steam that they are starting a series of blog entries to document their development process, including the artistic and technical obstacles they have encountered, in preparation for the introduction of Rooted Alpha Phase 2. These postings will show you how we developers spend our days working on Rooted, which is something that everyone is excited about. 

Rooted will be available on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, and PC via Steam. While we don't yet have a specific release date, the developers have promised to provide a release date shortly. Ideally, it would have been launched later this year, but the exact timing is still up in the air. Headlight Studio has promised to announce the game's official release date soon.

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