I'm a noob!

By phoenyx9, Posted 24 Jun 2009

I was referred here by my friend canana.  thanks man this is a cool place.

I'm sick of the gs soup nazi's

more to come.

feel free to add me, I need friends here...it's lonely in my profile.

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  • Welcome to NoobFeed Phoenyx :)

    Posted Jun 24, 2009
  • Hey there! Welcome to NoobFeed.

    Posted Jun 24, 2009
  • warm welcome from biZZy !

    Posted Jun 24, 2009
  • avatar RON

    Good to have you here mate. Welcome :)

    Posted Jun 24, 2009
  • Greetings.

    Posted Jun 24, 2009
  • thanks its good to be here! :)

    Posted Jun 24, 2009
  • Welcome to the NoobFeed family mate :) Enjoy your staying here and good work by canana bringing you here too :)

    Posted Jun 24, 2009
  • Welcome to NoobFeed MacKinnon :) Your profile info says that you are a girl gamer. Our board now has more girl gamers than boys :D

    Canana is contributing a lot for this site. It's nice to him bringing you here :) Wish to see you around  :)

    Posted Jun 24, 2009
  • thanks again for the warm welcome, I'm really stoked to be here!  Canana rocks! :D 

    Yianis, love your avatar. 

    Tanya, w00t for girl gamers! we need to represent. ;) 

    Posted Jun 24, 2009
  • You are welcome mate :)

    I'm waiting for the faction feature to arrive. I've got around 100 girls lined up to join this site :D

    oh! you've got an awesome banner btw :)

    Posted Jun 24, 2009
  • Another girl gamer...wow..welcome welcome.Laughing

    Posted Jun 24, 2009
  • Tanya,

    thanks, my banner is Prototype meets NIN.  I'm a bit hooked on Prototype at the moment.  I didn't know there were all these girls here ready to pwn.  You can count me in I'm always ready to frag! :D 


    yay! more girl gamers.  I'm going to like this site. Cool 

    Posted Jun 24, 2009
  • I'm also a girl gamer...wait...just kidding.:P


    Anyway, glad you could join and see you around the boards!

    Posted Jun 24, 2009
  • lol, well you can always join our ranks as an ally. ;)

    I'm slowly making my way around.

    Posted Jun 24, 2009
  • All the good games are coming for PS3. I actually could buy a PS3 last week but I chose to buy a new PC :x Well, have fun.

    @ canana: :o :P

    Posted Jun 25, 2009
  • a new pc is nice too, enjoy! :) 

    I just got a Dell Studio One Touch.  Its not a gaming rig but its great for what I need it for.  I had been working off of a little mini dell laptop for 6 months and I was sorely in need of a pc.  Now I just have to fix my car :P  guess you can see where my priorities are. lol.


    Posted Jun 25, 2009
  • avatar RON

    That really is a cool looking rig.

    Posted Jun 25, 2009
  • thanks, I'm really enjoying it after getting by with my mini dell for 6 months.  It's nice to have my itunes library back too.  Now I have to tinker around and see what I can do with it. ;)

    Posted Jun 25, 2009
  • I will be buying few good games for my new PC :) And, your rig looks really expensive to me. How much did you pay for that?

    Posted Jun 26, 2009
  • It was a bit expensive. :P  $1300.  I just went through a rough patch where I couched it for almost 6 months at my mom's before getting settled again.  So I had some spare cash to buy what I needed for my new place. 

    It has a lot of storage space, for my music and ipod. (I have a huge jazz collection). the big screen is nice to watch videos on.  I'm also starting to take my digital camera out more, so I may see what I can do with my photos as well.  :) 

    Posted Jun 26, 2009
  • I'm a noob too! Tongue out

    Posted Jun 27, 2009
  • That indeed is very expensive. But, sounds like it worth the money you've spent on it.
    So, you like Jazz? My uncle is Jazz freak. He also has a very good collection of Jazz music. Even has his restaurant called Spaghetti Jazz.
    Well, I'm really happy that canana brought you here. I really really want to see you around :D Oh! There's a sexy war going on at the OffTopic board. Don't forget to see all our photos there ;)

    Posted Jun 28, 2009

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