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By RON, Posted 03 Jul 2009

I’m sorry to announce this but this bug will keep on bothering till 13th of this month. Our developers are still engaged with some previous tasks and those will keep them busy for next 11 days.


In the mean time, I do have some good news too. We’ve chosen few ideas shared by our users and we’re going to add them shortly. This phase of development is going to start from 13th of this month. The ideas taken were considered convenient for a short development phase. More ideas will be taken for further development phases. For now followings are the taken ones -


1. Adding last log in date at the user stat tab. We need last login date on our profiles

2. An improved Text editor and more emoticons. WYSIWYG Editor Suggestion

3. Posting history tab at the user profile.(not 100 sure about this one yet) posting history in our profiles.
4. Preview button for posting blog and review.  Preview Button
5. New comments sign at the blog/news/review/preview/feature 5 comments (2 New!)" on your blog

6. User Feed. The Noob needs a feed!
7. Automated stat emblems.
8. Message button at the user page Personal messages link in user profiles
8. Improved review page Review Section Up - Ideas & Discussion Here


You can still have the final discussion on these ideas. Once the development phase starts, all the threads mentioned above will be locked. Feel free to share your thoughts as we still have 10 days to spare.


Thanks for all your support and patience.

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  • Despite the bug, there are some great news for us. I think these ideas are the basics for a good start. Probably in the future, some other ideas already suggested will follow. Thanks for the update!

    Posted Jul 03, 2009
  • avatar RON

    Yes, obviously we'll pick more ideas from our idea board. But we could only fit those for the upcoming short development phase.

    Posted Jul 03, 2009
  • sounds great, can I just add one thing to the blog editor. Can we PLEASE PRETTY PRETTY PLEASE make it bigger. For posts and comments it is fine but for a very heavy blogger like myself seeing all that wasted space underneith the editor makes you sick. Please make it the full page. or at least bigger text field. PLEASE!!! I Would PAY FOR THAT// :)

    Posted Jul 03, 2009
  • It's looking good. The only idea I can think of at the moment is our professional reviews having a rating scale of /10 rather than /5.

    Posted Jul 03, 2009
  • avatar RON

    @Forest: The blog editor is flexible. You can drag it to any size you want. See the bottom right of any editor ( blog, review, comment or post ) and roll over your mouse over there. Rest you can figure out by yourself.

    @King: If you look around, then we aren't the only one who is doing so.

    Posted Jul 03, 2009
  • See, told you guys we take your suggestions seriously. ;)

    Posted Jul 03, 2009
  • I've sent you an e-mail with my suggestions :) As a general tip, I'd say that I prefer to write my blogs on Word, then copy-paste them in my blog :)

    Posted Jul 04, 2009
  • Neat.  I am really excited for some of these additions, although im still waiting for the Factions feature.

    Posted Jul 04, 2009
  • this is some great ideas, I was hoping that the remember me option I suggested would be implemented but still great nonetheless.

    Posted Jul 04, 2009
  • hmm weird. Now it works. It never worked in my old browser. odd

    Posted Jul 04, 2009
  • actually if number 3 comes in to play the we can access the OT board wather easily? don't you think?

    Posted Jul 04, 2009
  • New editor was necessary and the user feed. No 5 will be a very good addition too. Thanks for the update :)

    Posted Jul 04, 2009
  • avatar RON

    @Moroes: For factions, we still need to have a lot more members. This feature will come eventually. But you'll have the games database before Factions.

    @Knight: Good thinking :)

    Posted Jul 04, 2009
  • hell of improvements ! these will make real differences !!!

    Posted Jul 04, 2009
  • Nice update.Thanks.Smile

    Posted Jul 04, 2009
  • So, now that the OT board bug has been fixed, how soon shall we expect those little extras to be installed ?

    Posted Jul 13, 2009

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