My new pc is toast.

By phoenyx9, Posted 25 Jul 2009

First off, sorry I've been MIA, between my ongoing medical treatment and my pc woes I've had my hands full.  the treatment is going very well, but the better it is going the sicker I feel.  So on one hand I'm jumping for joy because I'm making good progress.  One the other hand it sure would be nice to take a vacation from this body for a weekend. Cool

So back to the title of the blog.  Yes, that glorious dell studio one touch screen pc I mentioned not too long ago. 

It completely died six weeks after I received it.  I spent a good deal of money, over $1300.  It isn't a gaming rig, I could have gotten a fairly decent gaming pc for that money, but I was going to use this more for my music, photos, and my blogging.  I'm planning on getting a digital 4 or 8 track so I can get back into songwriting and a need a good pc for my home studio.  I thought the big touch screen would be great for music software and midi. 

I hear the dell studio one touch is a bit buggy because its so new.  I'm torn as to whether I should get a replacement or ask for a refund to get a different pc.  What do you all think?

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  • First of all, welcome back! 

    Now, that's not good news. In my opinion I think you should replace it because it's in the warranty.

    Posted Jul 25, 2009
  • thanks canana, I missed you all!

    I just have my ups and downs due to this treatment I receive.  Expect me to pop in and out, I won't disappear though.  ;) 

    I really liked the pc but I'm afraid of this model being a lemon.  I'm wondering if they will just give me a replacement, or a refund so I can choose a different model.

    Posted Jul 25, 2009
  • Welcome back Phoenyx and more than happy to hear that your treatment is goiing better :)

    Surely your dell PC was under guarantee, right ? I'm sure they will replace it with the same model, not sure if you will have the option to get a different one. It all depends on where you bought it.

    Posted Jul 25, 2009
  • Personally, I'd get the money back and try something else.

    Posted Jul 26, 2009
  • welcome back !

    1300 ?? that's much more ! what's the configuration ?

    Posted Jul 26, 2009
  • It's good to be back, I'm on my mini dell though, lol.


    If I'm not mistaken I have the option for exchange or credit, I bought a special warranty, glad I did that now.  The thing with this treatment is when it is working it makes you feel really sick.  I can take solice in that is is really kicking butt if I feel this crappy, lol. My body sneaks off while I sleep and goes on a tequila binge then I get to enjoy the hangover in the morning. :P


    yeah I think you're right! I want a different model. :)  I had a lemon of a car for years, that was a lesson I plan not to repeat. lol.


    thanks, I'll give you the whole run down. Wink

    the specs for my studio one:

    2.93 GHz IntelCore 2 Duo Processor E7500

    18" Widescreen LCD Touchscreen

    4GB Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM

    640 GB SATA HD

    CD/DVD +/- RW Writer

    NIVDIA GeForce 9200 M Graphics

    7.1 Channel HD Audio

    6 USB Ports

    Stereo Input (must have)

    Posted Jul 26, 2009
  • Good to hear that you're making progress and it's really good to see you back :D

    If I were you, I would've taken the money back and buy something different. $1300 is a good piece of money for a rig. So, why not an iMac ;)

    Posted Jul 26, 2009
  • Welcome back Phoenyx.It's good to hear that you are recovering.Smile

    And for ur PC,I would say,ask for a refund and get a new PC.



    Posted Jul 26, 2009
  • Tanya

    thanks, the treatment will be long, maybe years, but I'm stubborn so I think it's do-able. ;)  So excuse me if I drop out from time to time. 

    I think I will get a different pc.  Its a drag trying to get things done on this mini in the meantime though.  I've never had an apple so I feel like a noob, I guess I should research what music software and midi applications I might be using. 


    thanks, its going to be a long road to "good"  its better than the alternative though!  I'm just grateful for a good day here and there so I can catch up with things. ;)  I am going to get a different rig...don't know what yet.


    Posted Jul 26, 2009
  • avatar RON

    Nice to hear you're making progress and good to see you're dropping by :) I hope rest of your treatment goes well :)

    Spend some time at the computer shops and get a suitable PC. $1300 is a lot of money to waste :P

    Posted Jul 26, 2009
  • Thats a great configuration ! i wanna know more !!!

    SD RAMs are cool !!! but are they that much available ?? what is the Bus speed ? 800 ? or 1066 ?

    The processor must be a 64 bit; is it 1333 FSB ?

    is the monitor HD ?

    what is the pixel shader version of graphics card ? 4.0 ?

    Sound card ?? Audigy ? or blaster ?

    so many ques !!! lol

    Posted Jul 27, 2009
  • Ron

    the treatment is going well but wipes me out each week afterwards for a few days. :P  So forgive me for disappearing here and there.

    I have been doing some research and I think I'm going to take Tanya's advice and get an iMac. :)



    lol, I forget half of it now that it's been boxed up and returned.  (I have a short term memory problem due to lyme.)  Um yes the monitor was HD, it was beautiful!  I'm kind of a dork when it comes to pc's. 

    I forget the sound card, I was planning on getting a blaster when I got my digital 4 track.

    Posted Jul 28, 2009
  • I'm really happy to know that you're taking my advice :) iMac is good for graphics and sound related work. Specially you get the apple special editing software. I forgot its name but that software is really handy.

    Posted Jul 29, 2009
  • Tanya

    thank you for setting me on this path.  You got me thinking and the more I looked the more I liked. :)

    I was going to pick one up yesterday but was too wiped out. I never know how I'm going to feel day to day.  Yesterday was all about getting an oil change for my car, sleeping and Marvel vs Capcom 2! 

    Posted Jul 30, 2009
  • avatar RON

    I know the pain of long time medication. I've been through for 3 years :o

    iMac was a good suggestion by Tanya specially for the type of work you'll be doing :)

    Posted Jul 30, 2009
  • So, did you pick you your new rig :D

    Posted Aug 04, 2009

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