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  • New Outlook on 'Social Gaming'

    Category: Blogs, Posted 04 Aug 2013

    ldquo;If you play games on your phone, than you’re not truly a gamer”. The first time I

  • 10 Worst E3 Trailers

    Category: Blogs, Posted 18 Jun 2013

    ot every trailer at E3 was, as the 9th Doctor who say, fantastic. Although some of them highlighted

  • 10 Best E3 Videos/Trailers

    Category: Blogs, Posted 16 Jun 2013

    3 2013 is now officially over but its memory isn’t. Much has been discussed about the new cons

  • E3 2013 Microsoft Press Conference at a glace

    Category: Blogs, Posted 10 Jun 2013

    'm not really impressed with the Microsoft E3 2013 Press Conference. But there were, however, few go

  • Social Gaming and the Next Fiscal Year

    Category: Blogs, Posted 23 May 2013

    he video game industry has been rapidly changing. With the next generation of consoles on our doorst


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    I'm Dereck/TKTOWA. I like just about any kind of game except sports. I mostly play FPS, which seems to be booming right now, but I don't care much for Halo or COD. I like to consider myself the biggest Quake fan(feel free to challenge). I also like action games(God of War, Dante's, Splatterhouse). I also like anime, but don't watch as much as I'd like to(especially since picking up Fist of The North Star, sheesh!). I like mostly action but again, have seen and liked many different kinds. I try to attend Anime North convention every year! Music wise I like very little. I'll list the bands and their genre. Turmion Katilot(Techno-metal) 2 Times Terror(Dance-metal) Rammstein(Rock/metal/industrial) Children of Bodom(Metal) Stabbing Westward(Nu-metal/rock) Fear of Domination(Industrial/metal) Powerman 5000(Speed-metal/hip-hop/rock)

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