The return of NoobFeed’s NoobCast is upon us as Joshua McCaul and Cian Crowdy have combined forces in its third episode to prepare the NoobFeed populous for the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2011. They delve into the rumour mill, and take a quick look at The Big Three, Electronic Arts, Ubisoft and the other announcements that are to come over the course of the next week. This podcast is provided below, and is available for download by clicking here. Enjoy.


NoobCast Episode 3 (June 5 2011).mp3


Episode 4 will be launching on the evening of June 10 2011 and will feature NoobCast hosts Joshua McCaul and David Gabriel as well as honoured guests from The 7th Layer Cian Crowdy and Dan Casey wrapping up another great E3. Stay tuned.

7thLayer's Dan Casey and Cian Crowdy will be appearing on NoobCast episode 4.

But wait! Everyone remembers “A Podcast and a Contest” that launched the now-named NoobCast, but no one has listened to the previously unreleased April 17 2011 episode of NoobCast that announces the illustrious winners of our contest. Who won? Listen to the podcast, which includes some great discussion between Joshua McCaul, David Gabriel and Cian Crowdy, in order to find out! The winner’s prize is currently undetermined, but all of the individuals will be promptly receiving their emblem and hold an IOU for something awesome from yours truly.


NoobCast Episode 2 (April 17 2011).mp3


As always any and all questions, comments and suggestions are welcomed here, by private message, carrier pigeon or in the Official NoobFeed NoobCast Thread.

Happy Listening!

Joshua McCaul, NoobFeed.

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  • As a bit of a side note both podcast teams have been working quite a bit on making it possible to have all our past and future podcasts posted on itunes. We will continue working on this goal with due dilligence and hope to accomplish it within the coming weeks.

    Posted Jun 05, 2011

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