Skyrim - Review Diary: "Critters And Jitters"

The fine line between good and evil is starting to become vague.

By Daavpuke, Posted 25 Nov 2011

Dovakhiin, Riften - 1st of Frostfall

It’s been another week since my last entry, though again it feels like an eternity has passed. These lands are just so vast; they take everything from you. I am now almost twice as far as I was before, yet I’ve only barely managed to move on, due to constant tangents. Everywhere I turn, there’s a citizen in need, a cry for help, a conflict; crime, disorder and dismay. It has gotten me to warp my mind a little, as the fine line between good and evil is starting to become vague.

I’ve taken up stealing; not out of malice or spite, but more in a casual nature. Here and there, I see if I can sneak a house key, a few coins or a useless trinket. Since I’m juggling errands for both sides of the story, it keeps my dexterity and alertness on point. It’s therefor only fitting that my next destination would be Riften; home to the Thieves Guild. My companion brethren are definitely a worthy bunch, but their errands are long and tedious and I need some diversion in the form of direct action. No such luck however, as reaching the city of thieves proved another arduous task. Literally every little hovel and cave I passed had to be explored and cleared. I’m actually amazed how many people here bear an ill will towards me for seemingly no reason.

No matter; for all this violence and strife has honed my skills and rounded me out to become a master of all trades. Not all my skills are equally amazing, but I’ve since become a master in the heavier armors and combine these with spells and arrows. I’m that skillful that I’ve decided to throw away my weaponry and take to evil’s throat with my bare hands. My gauntlets are actually that well made that my dexterous blows wreck more havoc than any blade ever could. It has led to the most defining moment in my time in Skyrim: Yesterday, another dragon swooped down from the skies to attack us. I took it down with my own two fists. I punched a flying god to death; it was hard for me to ground myself back to mere mortals. Yet, every time I feel that tremble and the skies turn from day into night, I’m reminded just how insignificant I am. This centers me to keep the fight going against these winged demons.

There are other demons in this world though; actual Daedric royalty. One of them disguised himself and tricked me into a wild goose chase. And though that stung my pride, it also showed me the immense magical power these lords can pursue. It’s strange however that they cannot be defied, but as I mentioned in my earlier entry, this is hardly the only quirk in these lands. For some reason, children are impervious to any discipline. I wanted to correct an obnoxious little pest, but the little dagger-wielding snot didn’t seem to be hindered whatsoever to my efforts. Either the children of Skyrim are gods incarnate or I’m missing something here. Is it like that strange lapse of time I’ve seemed to experience lately?

NoobFeed Feature - Skyrim - Review Diary

Ever since my adventures have reached a certain magnitude, time has seemed to collapse as a whole or stuttered through my vision. It’s as if the Nine gods themselves had encountered a flaw in their grand design. Still, I’d never be foolish enough to question them or my faith. It is however hindering, trying to advance through these jitters and time freezes.  Skyrim is such a strange land.

I’ll leave you with the latest developments in this strange universe, from when I arrived in Riften. Getting in the city itself proved to be quite the task and as I had to fiercely battle several dragons on my way there, I was in need of rest. This sin city has however earned its name with fervor: When I entered the local orphanage, the head mistress there was spewing the most heinous atrocities. The things this old crone put on these already burdened children chilled my blood. I had a ‘momentary lapse in judgment,’ quite to the orphans’ pleasure. They were in fact this morbidly pleased with my arrival, I decided it was time for me to forget about it all and rest my head.

NoobFeed Feature - Skyrim - Review Diary

I’ve heard many bad things about this city: Mad corruption, drug addicts, thieves and cutthroats at every corner and debauchery and sin everywhere you can look. In the orphanage alone there were already talks of The Dark Brotherhood, a secret society of assassins. This in an orphanage! In one night before even heading to bed, I encountered and dissolved several schemes, crimes and scams with the sheer power of my tongue alone. It seems like there is still much to do before ridding the world of the overarching evils that lurk overhead.  I just hope I can see it all before my time comes.

Pray for me.

Daav Valentaten, NoobFeed. (@Daavpuke)

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  • I'll probably end up buying it sometime next month when the price drops a bit, then again I rarely (and thats very rare) buy a new game moments after it's release. Though ME3 will be an exception. The only things I know about Skyrim is the PC version is rather demanding on the PC as a friend of mine, who I'm convinced has a better computer then myself, finds the game is running at (exagerating here) 4fps, so a tad bit slow and jumpy and thats on the lowest of the low settings. The only other way I'm going to play it if that's the case is on my 360, but again I'll have to wait for the prices to drop a little here in England.

    The second thing I know and heaven forbid I don't know why this information stayed in my head, was when I was watching some E3 feature on the game, and for about 10 minutes the video had some bloke talking about how well designed and realistic they made grass look...

    ...I don't care about the grass! I'm not a cow. aha. 

    I didn't learn anything else after that. 

    Posted Nov 25, 2011

  • Taking down a dragon using bare hands. Hmm. Seems like you have killed the basic one. There is a frost dragon which isso hard to deal with. So you have Riften? No worries. You will be joining them soon.

    Posted Nov 25, 2011

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