Why Aren't These Films Games Yet? 1

We encourage you all to participate in the glory and mention us your epic movie-game ideas.

By Daavpuke, Posted 13 Nov 2010

Every year, we don’t only let ourselves be entertained by games; we also go out and see some amazing or lesser films, which capture our hearts or aggravate the soul. Some of those also instantly come to our minds when playing games and sometimes we get indulged in that feeling, when movies get translated to video game awesomeness. Hell, some games we play are so riddled with cutscenes, we might as well be watching a movie. Here’s looking at you, Hideo Kojima. Some features however never made that cut, so we at Noobfeed thought it’d be time to explore this glorious crossover, bringing joy to millions each year. Inexplicably, these games were not created as of yet:


Ok, this is a fairly obvious one. This blockbuster hit does not need to do much in itself to create a successful game. The idea of Inception is that you can enter the dream world of a person and pretty much create all you can. Combined with the hostility of a person’s subconscious, you can go either which way and implement a number of things: You can create innovative puzzle worlds, without the need for any law, as anything is possible. The subconscious can bring forth action sequences in an equally bizarre manner. You could even implement the real world to tie all the pieces of the story together, with the hidden demons of the movies protagonist, Leonardo DiCaprio. Personally, I’d like to see an in-game character development from Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Tommy -, 3rd Rock From The Sun), whom’s wonderful acting performance doesn’t get enough screen time or attention in the movie. It would be great to see the downplayed domestic role been put more in the front row, as he is the right hand man after all. Director Christopher Nolan even declared his interested in a game creation in a press conference in Rome.

Possible game reference: Psychonauts meets Fahrenheit

Inception - Joseph Gordon-Levitt / Leonardo DiCaprio

Inception - Joseph Gordon-Levitt behind Leonardo DiCaprio


Slap a M for Mature sticker on this one already, as there is no way you will be able to make a game without a load of adult content. Technically a comic series first, we’ve seen adaptations of such time and time again. With words like sex, blood, gore, death, perversity, greed and post-apocalyptic chaos as only some of the main themes, you can already understand this movie is dirty; very dirty. The fact alone that everyone seems to be a prostitute, a client or a psychotic murderer in this world is already enough to make sure parents worldwide would not like to see this made. Let alone the fact everyone seems to be powered by the force of blowjobs, I kid you not. Still, behind all the blatant sexual content and gratuitous, extreme violence lies an amazing world of mythology, magic, questing and sacrifice in an epic battle between good and evil. With a rich and very broad plot, you could go a large number of ways to create a game that would baffle minds and entertain you for a long time. Switching back and forth between any of the many themes available should make this one a must-have for anyone above the age of consent.

Possible game reference: Zelda meets Dante’s Inferno

Godkiller photo collage summary

Godkiller - This about sums it up.

Event Horizon:

Continuing our need to fulfill our gratuitous adult urges, this is another game you couldn’t make without ruffling a few feathers. This film has been known for over a decade for its hardcore scenes of flying limbs, mutilations and other fleshy bits. On that matter: How did they miss the boat on this for so many years? Don’t publishing companies jump on easy cash ideas behind cult hits like these? You could just hire Sam Neill to do some creepy voice-acting and be done with it; fans would jump on it like tentacles on Japanese schoolgirls. But there’s also a lot you can do in terms of a horror-survival, set in the cold isolation of space. Especially since a lot of the film is based on having your imagination mess around with you, creating a world of suspense would require only good story design, not so much gameplay aspects. Still, you could also explore some of these unanswered regions, without having to disclose too much. For instance, you could parallel to the black hole enigma, which is never really ventured in the film. But there’s also ways to create some actions, with the gory sequences and adrenaline-raising fright fights.

Possible game reference: Dead Space meets Prey

Event Horizon - Gore Kebab

Liberate Tutame Ex Inferis - "Feel free to void your bowels right about now"


Another “this one really should have come to mind” moment, with the title actually referring to what it should be. The movie might not be that awesome, nor could a translation result in a AAA title, but it doesn’t mean it should blow from the start. For one, the idea of the game world is already written and the only thing you need to do is slap the correct skin to the first person MMO feel. But I believe it would be best not to make the complete game like this, as it would become too generic. To tie it all together, you could switch back to the actual world and make small designs to serve as a form of hub and plot device. And even though you could also look into the life simulation aspect, trying to actually make level designs around it would hurt the game’s credibility. Perhaps settle for very short mini-game snippets on that part, but don’t try to incorporate The Sims with Call Of Duty; that’s a recipe for disaster. Top that off with the psychological aspect of people being used as a gratuitous and perverse twist of entertainment and you have a sleeper hit on your hands.

Possible game reference: Call Of Duty meets Mass Effect.

Life simulator in Gamer

Gamer - There's also some shooting involved, if you catch my drift.

The Hangover:

Remember those horrible movie adaptations of old, like Home alone on SNES or any other safe family flick on SNES? In the recent trend of nostalgia and return to the classical age, perhaps we could create a symbiosis with recent blockbusters, for money’s sake of course. The Hangover is one of those recent successes that could work. Creating some whacky situations, you could implement known voice-acting together with a few innovative twists on a plate of old concepts. The main problem here would be to walk the fine line of cheesiness whilst still producing an entertaining game. This would require a lot of game testing and focus group feedback, to make sure you’re taking the right steps on the Gouda tightrope. Although a platformer would fit the silly style best, you could also make some action adaptations, which have also worked for games such as Futurama. There are also some liberties you could produce by using the plot device that drives the movie, which is the protagonists’ amnesia. A lot of fun and hilarious things can happen if you don’t remember reality. Just make sure to turn the reference dial up way high.

Possible game reference: Super Meat Boy meets your mother.

The Hangover - Epic Comedy skills

The Hangover - Believe me, this will be epic.

We encourage you all to participate in the glory and mention us your epic movie-game ideas.

Daav Valentaten, NoobFeed.

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  • Seriously great work!

    Posted Nov 13, 2010

  • I think there is plans to make inception a game. It would  be awesome.

    Posted Nov 14, 2010

  • awesomeness.

    but i still think that Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill (FOR GOD'S SAKE GOD OF WAR MEETS OROCHI WARRIORS...doesnt get simpler than that) and maybe even the battle royal series should be made into games :)

    Posted Nov 14, 2010

  • gamer is my favourite....

    Posted Nov 14, 2010

  • @Dramus: A Kill Bill game was actually cancelled back in the day.

    Battle Royale is a pretty geat series.

    Posted Nov 14, 2010

  • Canceled? blasphemy! what could be more fun that going around slashing people into pieces???

    Posted Nov 14, 2010

  • Sims with Call Of Duty truly was a bad mixture. Maybe that's why we didn't get the feel of a AAA title. But it was watching fun. Actually I think there can be a game with this weird mixture. Think of it as a complex multiplayer simulation where you partner is playing sims if you pick to play call of duty. And, you both need to coordinate to play and level up. Can be a good game for a couple where that girl like to play sim and the cod :P

    @samael63 : Not my favorite but was a good movie. The villain seemed too powerless in the end, which made the movie more pathetic.

    Posted Nov 14, 2010

  • @Sleven, blasphemy i say!  you missed the point in the end. point being, the mind is a treacherous thing. you can never have pure thoughts all the time, may they be good or evil. Cable used that to his advantage. a weak mind is something that is easy to manipulate. it was also the irony of the movie. a guy that can control people through nanites, has a weaker mind that anyone else.


    one of my faaaavv movies. that dance scene of "i've got you under my skin" was classy lol

    Posted Nov 14, 2010

  • Marvelous stuff!!! What an awesome idea!!!! I would also add another element in your first idea: Psychonauts meets Fahrenheit in the setting Longest Journey: Dreamfall.

    I would another idea. have you seen the movie Cube. Based on that I can get the feeling that a game should be made where Fear and Mirror's Edge meets Portal.

    Posted Nov 15, 2010
  • @Koshai: It's hard to define a game by just using 2 examples. Except if you're Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow, in which case God Of War beats Shadow Of The Colossus will do :D.

    And I actually own the Cube Trilogy, but never had the courage of watching them, after some troubling testimonials.
    Posted Nov 15, 2010

  • @sleven : ahahah,,, yeah,,, I agree with that,, but the game (slayer) is really2 cool.....

    Posted Nov 16, 2010
  • @samael63 : Totally agree. It was a super awesome CoD like MMO.
    Posted Nov 16, 2010

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