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What Rage 2 should have

By Grayshadow, Posted 11 May 2018

Recently it was leaked that Rage 2 will be revealed at this year's E3 2018. Bethesda hasn't confirmed the title but given Marketing Head Pete Hines' comment, many are speculating that the sequel is in development. The first game had solid FPS action but was lacking in certain departments leading to mostly mediocre scores. Here are 5 things Rage 2 could improve on.


5. Better Story

One of the biggest marketing headlines for Rage was its story. Unfortunately when the game released that was the weakest part of the entire game. It lacked any substance and when things started to gain traction it ended with an uneventful conclusion. None of the characters truly stood out and the protagonist was a must everyman that came, saved everyone, and left no real mark on the player. If Rage 2 seeks to redeem the franchise a story is needed with an actual plot and not a series of events to ferry the player from one location to the next. 


2. Quality over Quantity

Another feature marketed during the first game's release was the open world. As you might expect it was also a disappointment. Many of the side missions were delivery jobs or your standard protect the NPC mission. Some missions did offer intense challenges but they usually involved heading back to the same area with tougher enemies.

It didn't help that the second map was provided after beating about 75% of the game, making it mostly filler. Open worlds are only as good as what's in them and with nothing but tawdry missions the entire landscape can feel like one hollow enviroment.


3. Enemy Varied and Survivor Clans

As you might expect the apocalyptic world of Rage had a lot of potential for some creative mutated enemies. You had your standard survivors and mutated enemies followed by heavily armed humans and larger mutant enemies but these enemies quickly became stale. You would fight hordes of them until eventually, they were nothing more than cannon fodder in the way of your objective.

What added salt to the wounds was the lack of a final boss. Instead, players were greeted with a series of uncommon enemies. As a story focused FPS game leaving something out as a final boss is a critical oversight.


4. More Unique Weapons

Rage had a standard assortment of weapons, some were useful such as the submachine gun and razor-sharp boomerang but nothing really stood out. In this world you would expect the survivors to have access to scavenged weapons made from the parts of other items. However, most of the arsenal was standard items you would find in other FPS.


5. Not Just Car Combat

Multiplayer was of Rage's biggest let downs. The multiplayer was isolated from the FPS action and instead focused on car combat and cooperative missions. These modes were interesting distractions but as a whole FPS combat was the highlight of Rage thanks to precise controls and excellent weapon feedback. Having an FPS game with competitive multiplayer that didn't include an FPS mode is an oxymoron.

What do you think Rage 2 should have? Let us know in the comments below!

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