Runner3 - The Timbletot Boss Fight Strategy

CommanderVideo vs The Final Boss

By Grayshadow, Posted 21 May 2018

The Timbertot is the final boss of Runner3 and is the hardest, requiring 6 hits across multiple phases to defeat.


The first part of the fight begins from a back-perspective with bombs being dropped. Simply avoid the bombs and hit the trampoline in the middle on the road to score the first 2 hits.

The third time the floor will start to fall apart. As always avoid the bombs and use jump to leap across the floor to reach the trampoline.


The second part of the fight will enter the traditional running scene. Take the left path to avoid the spiked area, the Timbertot will start to throw cannons in upper and lower pattern. Swap paths when you see buzz saws on the path.

When you reach the gate the speed will increase. Start using your double jump to leap from one craft to the next. The checkpoint is ahead.


Here's the hard part. While avoiding the obstacles you must fast-fall on the red switches to do damage. This is the final portion of the fight.

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