Why You Should Play Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 will be marked as a milestone within gaming for several years to come.

By RON, Posted 08 Nov 2018

Red Dead Redemption 2 has been out for a week now and Rockstar Games has proven itself once more. The sequel to the original Red Dead Redemption was definitely worth the wait. So, if you haven’t played it yet or if you’ve been bombarded with RDR2 content but are still unconvinced whereas to play it or not, let us paint you a picture of why you should grab a copy as soon as you can.

First of all, it’s a Rockstar game. That alone should give enough reason to give it a try. The studio has had a stellar track record thusfar, proving release after release that they are eager and willing to push boundaries and exceed their own extravagant expectations. Red Dead Redemption 2 game is no exception to that.

Red Dead Redemption 2,Gameplay,Female,Cowboy,Characters,Action,Xbox One X,Review

It’s a new kind of realistic open world. While realism has never been a staple for Rockstar’s games, they decided to subvert the formula and aim towards something new. While this is not an RPG, the level of detail and realism exceed anything done by the studio in the past. For example, you need to keep yourself fed, groomed and healthy. Similar to survival modes in games like Fallout: New Vegas, your needs are to be met unless you want to face penalties within gameplay. Not only that but the relationship with the people in Dutch’s gang, and even your horse, have to be maintained and nurtured in a rather organic fashion. Grooming your horse soon becomes second nature. Unlike other open world games from these devs, Red Dead Redemption 2 sacrifices convenience for realism. Fast travel is very limited. Your horse will die for good and will become stranded if you wander too far, being unable to hear you calling. Weapon cleaning and maintenance are of the outmost importance and even cutscenes in activities such as hunting cannot be skipped – risky moves, perhaps, but ones that pay off in terms of immersion. Last but not least, quite a few graphical details are beyond any comparison for an open world of this size. Landscapes are nothing but inspiring and moving, and the tiniest detail is taken care of in order to provide an excellent experience.

Next, you have the superb storytelling Rockstar is also known for. Red Dead Redemption 2 takes place in the years prior to the original Red Dead Redemption, which allows you to get to know the other side of the story. Characters are layered and well rounded. They actually feel like complex humans with desires and motivations. The world is alive and you feel like you are a part of it rather than the one dictating its direction. It is an incredible story told in the most entertaining way possible, a nuanced satire and an invitation to question the basic foundational myths of the American western.

Red Dead Redemption 2,Gameplay,Female,Cowboy,Characters,Action,Xbox One X,Review

Speaking of that, the satire is another reason for playing this game. Yes, Rockstar is known for its acid, edgy and sometimes controversial level of satire. The first Red Dead Redemption put under the spotlight what civilization entailed and made us question “was it really worth it”? Red Dead Redemption 2 expands upon this and focusing on two opposing forces: freedom and order. Is it really worth sacrificing one’s absolute freedom and individuality for the sake of civilization, order and security? The matter is not only relevant now in the midst of current political turmoil, but has been a long-lasting question for writers and philosophers alike. Civilization has brought corruption, greed, ravaging the land and oppressing the weak, while the promise of freedom is still part of the zeitgeist of the American people. The cowboy is not so much of a golden boy anymore and the outlaw is no longer a unidimensional villain with ill intentions. Both are two sides of the same coin and the way Rockstar matches this idea in the game is worth recognizing.

When Rockstar announced the release of Red Dead Redemption 2, they made a promise to revolutionize gaming and, as everyone expected, they might just have. The game meets every standard set before for a AAA game and surpasses many of them. Yes, there are issues, like with every new release, but these issues can be easily overlooked once you realize what’s in front of you. This is the result of real passion and dedication for delivering not only a game, but an experience. Red Dead Redemption 2 will be marked as a milestone within gaming for several years to come, just like the games that came before it, like Red Dead Redemption and Grand Theft Auto V.

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