5 Things We Don't Want from Destiny 3

What Bungie shouldn't do in Destiny 3

By Grayshadow, Posted 04 Jan 2019

Rumors have been surfacing about a new installment for Destiny coming soon but with everything left behind by Destiny 2, there are a lot of things Bungie can improve on. More importantly, there are things that Bungie should not do in the inevitable sequel. Here are 5 things we don't want from Destiny 3.

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5. The Eververse

One of the biggest complaints with  Destiny 2 was the heavy use of the Eververse. Players prudently pointed out that seasonal items, in particular, were locked behind a heavy grind that made it impossible to earn everything unless you spent money. Bungie would address this over the course of time but the damage has already been done. What hurts more is that since Destiny 2 didn't perform well Activision made it clear it was going to double-down on monetization efforts which could lead to fans abandoning the IP altogether. 

The chances of not having a premium store are very unlikely but they need to pull back. Fans already have a negative reception to Activision published titles, especially with the recent Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 reticle microtransactions, but if pushed any harder gamers could abandon Destiny altogether.

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4. Unbalanced 6v6 Maps

Eventually, Bungie would provide 6v6 options but the maps were not designed for these matchups. Matches were hectic but often unbalanced due to the increased player count and small environments. Some players were able to take advantage of this setup for insane spawn camping which leads to those on the opposing end being victims of this system. We want 6v6 but we also need maps designed for this player count.

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3. 1-Time Shaders

Cosmetics have always played a huge role in RPG games. Having incredible statistic-based armor and weapons are great but if they look like trash people are going to be annoyed, it's one of the issues fans have with many of the exotic weapons in Destiny 2. Having access to a limited pool of shaders that deplete over time is unacceptable and should not be part of Destiny 3.

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2. Easy Campaign

The campaign in Destiny 2 wasn't all that difficult, in fact, it was pretty easy. Players were able moderately skilled gamers were able to blow through much of the game with ease, especially with friends. Without much of a challenge, reaching the end-game felt more like a chore than an accomplishment.

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1. Releasing the Game Twice

The Taken King and Forsaken were definite improvements from the core Destiny and Destiny 2 experiences but the gamer has to essentially repurchase the game twice. We get that Bungie wanted a fresh start to overhaul the issues plaguing the core games but having the gamer suffer because of their mistakes is unacceptable. Hopefully, we won't have to purchase Destiny 3 twice but considering the history of this franchise, it's looking like that.

What don't you want to see from Destiny 3? Let us know in the comments below!

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