Blair Witch Last Transmission Achievement Guide

Find out what happened to Peter

By Grayshadow, Posted 03 Sep 2019

The entire journey of Blair Witch is locating Peter. The lost 9-year old boy serves as Ellis redemption from all the horrible things he has done. There's an achievement about finding out what happened to the boy. However, if you want to unlock this secret achievement you're going to need some help. 

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First off, you need to get to the final chapter. When you unlock the basement door inside the Witch's home for the first time, you'll reenter the main room and head inside another hallway. You'll also get attacked by a new monster immune to the light and return to the main floor of the home. When inside the main floor, on the right side of the stairs is another room. Head inside, on the table on the right you'll find a battery. Now complete the game.

When you're inside the Sheriff's truck and reattached the battery, before exposing the fuse box, play with the radio. You'll find a Trivia station. Listen to the entire broadcast to end the key to the bunker's lock. DO NOT RESTART THE LIGHTS. Once the message is received, check your phone. Head to the bunker, where Peter dropped his baseball, and head down. Enter the bunker using the code and place the battery into the radio.

You'll hear that Peter has already been found but that's impossible. Unless something reality-bending is happening.

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