NoobCast Episode 4: The Post E3 Conferences Edition

Good evening NoobFeeders, I hope that you all are enjoying the E3 festivities!

By Tressilate, Posted 07 Jun 2011

Good evening NoobFeeders, I hope that you all are enjoying the E3 festivities!

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During the last NoobCast episode posting we noted that the next iteration of the series would be released on June 10, 2011. But an unexpected decision to record podcasts after each every conference over the course of the past two days has generated NoobCast Episode 4. NoobFeed staff members Joshua McCaul, David Gabriel, Syed Akbar and Cian Crowdy summarize, and evaluate each conference, and highly suggest that all NoobFeeders listen to the podcast in segments rather than in one straight shot. NoobCast Episode 4 can be downloaded at both 4shared and zShare in addition to being able to be heard below.

Truly extensive coverage of E3.

For those who are text-inclined, and are not so interested in the podcast, the NoobFeed staff has been hard at work to provide you with the most comprehensive and accurate look at the E3 proceedings. Some of the articles posted thus far are listed below with several more still being written as the 2011 expo continues. A complete and continually updated list of our staff contributions regarding E3 can be found in our What's Going on at E3 2011? topic found in the E3 2011 board.

Last-minute E3 expectations from our writers by Jesse Dolman, Joshua McCaul and David Gabriel.
E3 2011: A Complete Look at the Microsoft Conference by Joshua McCaul.
E3 2011: A Full Analysis of Ubisoft's Conference by Jesse Dolman.
E3 2011: An Analysis of EA's Game Changers by Joshua McCaul.
E3 2011: What Went Down On Sony's Media Briefing by David Gabriel.
E3 2011: Sly 4 Announced by Marco Cecilio.
E3 2011: A Quick Summary of Nintendo's Conference by David Gabriel.

But wait, what if you missed a previous episode of NoobCast? Well then just head on over to the Official NoobCast Topic in "The Media Portal" subsection of our forums to get links to all our past content. Though some of the material may not be exactly relevant in terms of current releases we always include commentary on the state of the industry, individual developers and the like.

The next episode of NoobCast is slated to be recorded and released on  June 22, 2011. As always questions, comments and suggestions are always welcome. Feel to message myself or David Gabriel, post in our official topic in the forum that is linked above, send us a message in a bottle or on the NoobFeed Facebook page. We’d love to hear from you!

Just as a final reminder the 7thLayer Podcast brought to you by Cian Crowdy and Dan Casey will be launching it's next episode on June 14, 2011 and it will stand as a final wrap of all the E3 proceedings that will occur over the next few days.

Joshua McCaul, NoobFeed.

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  • This is a wonderful podcast by you all. Didn't leave a single thing for discussion and it was rich too. Good analysis all though. MS presentation did look like a big Kinet commercial. I laughed when you guys said that too. Because this was the fact in real. And, I totally agree with Cian regarding his FIFA 12 comment and there should've been more on the actual gameplay and improvements. Syed had a good point about 3DS failure and Nintendo will surely consider it while publicizing Wii U.

    I also liked the idea of taking breaks in between the discussion. As the podcast was of long hours, those breaks were handy for me to take a breather. Well done all of you.

    Posted Jun 08, 2011

  • Lara Croft Origins: Touché, good sir. I agree wholeheartedly.

    Posted Jun 08, 2011

  • There was a rumor about Halo 4 and it came true. I won't be surprised if Halo 5 and Halo 6 show up in future. I was surprised to see David rating Ubisoft's conference C-. They did much better than MS. And Uncharted 3 and Battlefield 3 undoubtedly will be strong GOTY contenders.

    Posted Jun 09, 2011

  • @Sleven Glad you enjoyed mate. FIFA was definitely a disappointment, and yeah -- we needed the breaks just as much as our listeners do so glad you enjoyed it. We're also looking at adding a few more audio tracks to our repertoire just in case we ever have a three hour episode again :P.

    @Amaya There will be a lot of strong contenders for the GOTY award, but I'm thinking that if any war game succeeds that it will be Battlefield 3 due the brilliance of their new engine. It just looks phenomenal.

    Posted Jun 09, 2011

  • First I thought you recorded in a studio as the sound quality was good. But after certain time skype popup sound came in and it was very random later part of the podcast. I even checked my quick launch window few times thinking those were mine. lol

    Posted Jun 09, 2011

  • Thanks for the feedback guys, much appreciated.

    @Amaya: I think it comes down to my initial reactions to both conferences and what thought about it after some more thinking, most notably how the MS conference went.

    Posted Jun 09, 2011
  • avatar RON

    Good discussion lads. Took me time but I've enjoyed it thoroughly.

    Posted Jun 10, 2011
  • Great coverage. Job well done.
    Posted Jun 11, 2011

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