Control: The Foundation - Where to Locate the Camera Altered Item

Locate and cleanse the camera

By Grayshadow, Posted 28 Mar 2020

Jesse has new Altered Items to deal with in Control: The Foundation. With one of them being an item you've encountered during the campaign. The camera.

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Once you've completed the campaign head to the Collapsed Department. Past the Transit Terminal, there's a set of stairs that head down and at the end of the hallway is an elevator. If you're lost, look at your map. Until you discover the camera the location will show up as "???". Once down the elevator, you'll trigger the mission.

The first part of the mission is basic platforming. Dodge left and right and land on the railcars, if you get hit you'll automatically be placed back on the cart but avoid being hit. You won't be able to recover much health during this mission. The second part has Jesse facing off Hiss Charged. Use launch or your Service Weapon to take them out.

Stay on the left railcar since the right one will explode. After some more platforming, you'll encounter 3 enemies on the new right railcar, kill them. Now you'll head into a tunnel and encounter the camera. Shoot or throw an object to start the cleansing process but it'll escape.

The next part is dealing with a heavy target. Just avoid the gunfire using your shield but be prepare to jump, the Hiss will die instantly. The next set of enemies include a Hiss Elevated and Hiss Charged. Take out the Charged targets first and don't levitate. Unless you're confident in landing on the railcar use your shield to block all incoming damage. If you fully upgraded it this fight will be easy.

The last fight has you facing against Elevated Boss. The same principle applies here, use your shield to block all damage and return fire. Adds will spawn halfway through the fight but if you're shield is fully powered, just hurl the rocks at them. The shield is key to this fight and as long as you keep it up and manage your enemy meter you should be golden, especially if you have the Shield Energy Recovery.

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