Control: The Foundation - Locating the Television Altered Item

Find the Television set and contain it

By Grayshadow, Posted 28 Mar 2020

Jesse's job isn't done after completing The Foundation in ControlShe has to locate new Altered Items and cleanse them or have them contained. One of which is a Television that hypnotizes anyone who watches it. Here's how to locate and contain the deadly television.

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The TV is located by Research Site Gamma. From the checkpoint head into the tunnel with and locate the crystals on the wall. Use them to get onto the ledge above and head into the cavern with the sign saying "Cavern". When inside you should find a generator and a power supply. Restart the generator and use the Shape ability to destroy the crystals. Head down and you'll find a mimic looking at the television. Kill the target and use Launch to pick the TV up, now you have to carry it out.

DO NOT THROW IT! The key here is to use little force and carry the TV out, using its gaze to stun any enemies you encounter. Manage your energy meter and if needed, drop the TV when you need to recover energy. Try and avoid using evade but levitate won't drain your meter. The key here is management.

Once you reach the end throw the TV into the containment cell and you're done.

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