Why Aren't These Films Games Yet? 2

Inexplicably, these games were not created as of yet.

By Daavpuke, Posted 08 Aug 2011

Every year, we don’t only let ourselves be entertained by games; we also go out and see some amazing or lesser films, which capture our hearts or aggravate the soul. Some of those also instantly come to our minds when playing games and sometimes we get indulged in that feeling, when movies get translated to video game awesomeness. Hell, some games we play are so riddled with cutscenes, we might as well be watching a movie. Here’s looking at you, Hideo Kojima. Some features however never made that cut, se we at Noobfeed thought it’d be time to explore this glorious crossover, bringing joy to millions each year. Inexplicably, these games were not created as of yet:

Source Code:

Starting off with a similar flick like previous time, the basic premise of Source Code is Groundhog Day: the character gets set in a universe where a series of tasks has to be completed successfully in order to proceed or trial and error back to the start. The twist here is that this happens in a parallel universe and time in the real world moves on. This way, the character needs to prevent atrocities from happening in his reality plane.

Cinematic experiences have been done before, particularly by David Cage whom made Heavy Rain; so the concept isn’t new. But the more specific open world puzzle element could bring more actual gameplay to the game, rather than just Quick Time Events (QTE); especially if solutions are open-ended as well. Also, the distinct timeline separation between both worlds can work to create a cohesive whole between universes and even put more pressure on the trial and error parts. Lace it all together with some decent storytelling and character development, with the likeness of ‘Mr. Donnie Darko’ Jake Gyllenhaal. What erupts is one decent adventure game, with elements of action and puzzles.

Possible game reference: Heavy Rain meets L.A. Noire.

NoobFeed Feature - Why Aren't These Films Games Yet 2
Gyllenhaal, in the know, asks: What would you do if you knew you only had a minute to live?

Pan’s Labyrinth:

Perhaps not an obvious choice from a commercial point of view, but Pan’s Labyrinth is a cult classic, made by Guillermo del Toro. The man also made Hellboy and is currently pinned as producing his first video game trilogy, called Insane.  It’s safe to say these elements alone insure a decent premise, but now on to the movie.

It’s a semi-fantasy film, switching a protagonist girl, Ofelia, between the harsh atrocity of the Spanish Civil war and the adjacent underworld labyrinth, where mystical creatures roam. While on the top world the war rages and Ofelia’s relatives get oppressed by an evil army Captain, the underworld presents the girl with a quest.

The adventure isn’t much cheerier than the horrible truth lying above, but again there is a nice split between 2 very distinct planes. Here, a switch between reality and fantasy can offer an adventure game from both sides of the spectrum, which is rare. Additionally, the political subtext can create for a nice mood swing and keep the character on their toes. The puzzle elements that can be combined with more stealthy action sequences above could make this a game that is as unique as the film itself.

Possible game reference: Zelda (series) meets Beyond Good & Evil.

NoobFeed Feature - Why Aren't These Films Games Yet 2
Pan's Labyrinth may be a fantasy fairy tale, but it is not for the squeamish.

City of God (Cidade de Deus):

Another stretch from a strict commercial standpoint, but as one of the highest rated movies of all time, this foreign film is a masterpiece waiting to get converted. It’s already a conversion from a surreal autobiography of a Brazilian young man, growing up in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro. Here, a tale of drug trafficking and extreme gang violence surrounds the poverty-stricken society of people like you and I. In the midst, a seemingly innocent but easy-going young man just tries to make the best out of life. It’s a gut-wrenching tale of slight ups, but fearful down, with tons of despair and only a glimmer of hope.

Nothing spells open-world sandbox like scenery filled with crime and violence, but the twist here is the unique character development, with a rather innocent protagonist for once. But the beauty of this game would be the choice of how to grow up amidst the enchanting decay and choosing allegiances. Apart from a series of job and/or skill-oriented goals, the game could also interlace some parkour elements to the dense favelas. Guns, violence and the glorification of it all; that’s really what video games is all about, isn’t it?

Possible game reference: Yakuza meets Brink.

NoobFeed Feature - Why Aren't These Films Games Yet 2
Cidade de Deus: The kids aren't alright.

Now here’s a dead giveaway. To what already is the ultimate advertisement for the Church, this movie about bodacious ninja priests overcomes reality like it destroys good taste. There is some sort of holy war between the clergy and vampires since time began and this has escalated to some dystopian future, straight out of George Orwell’s 1984. While the public is kept from knowledge and lulled into an oppressed existence, society is getting clawed at from the sidelines. A rogue priest undergoes a quest to exterminate the vampire threat for the society that rejected him. A series of unbelievable and corny events later, the world is safe from an antagonist whose superhuman ability seems to be the power to wear a hat in any extreme circumstance.

Any action sequence in this romp just screams a good old fashioned action game, with ninja star crucifixes and all. Defying the laws of physics and sanity are all included. Throw in some Max Payne bullet time for posterity; gear up the machismo even more and the Church will never have looked this cool. This is the Pope’s wet dream; should he be into heavy narcotics.

Possible game reference: Bulletstorm meets Assassin’s Creed.

NoobFeed Feature - Why Aren't These Films Games Yet 2
The Clergy: Be all you can be, HUU-RAH!

Hoodwinked (Too):

A movie about fairy tale creatures gone naughty; now that spells an animation flick that is fun for both good and old. In that same aspect, it can create a simple, yet entertaining game about Little Red Riding Hood and the bunch of miscreant woodland creatures around her. A psychotic bunny, a snowboarding grandma and a hyperactive squirrel stolen straight out of Over The Hedge; what more could you possibly desire?

Just like the movie is bound to have a core target audience, the game translation shouldn’t opt for top-tier success, but rather find its niche. With several differing characters, all with unique traits, the game can turn out into a multi-layered action game classic. Just like cult games, such as the Futurama adaptation before it, Hoodwinked could switch up between a brawler with Red, to a sports feature with granny. It could do stealth and espionage with the Big Bad Wolf reporter and overlap the entire deal with the frog character mimicking scenes from the TV series 24. It doesn’t need much to get a game filled with highly recognizable references off the ground and the odd one out usually obtains the most respect!

Possible game reference: Free Realms meets Leisure Suit Larry

NoobFeed Feature - Why Aren't These Films Games Yet 2
Red is one tough cookie. She sells some as well.

Daav Valentaten, NoobFeed. (@Daavpuke)

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  • Priest is one hell of a movie. A game based on it will be super awesome and agreed as you've said on the Max Payne type action.

    Posted Aug 08, 2011

  • I'm a little creeped out as to how Leisure Suit Larry is similar to Hoodwinked... :|

    Posted Aug 09, 2011

  • Priest and Pan's....yes, those would make awesome games.

    Posted Aug 09, 2011

  • Metal Gear Soild 4 should be made in to a game too. It was such a good movie.

    Posted Sep 27, 2011

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