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Here is the showcase of the three videos from the channel.

By RON, Posted 10 Aug 2011

Hello all and welcome to yet another update of our partner Youtube channel. Our partner Youtube channel TheNextLevel4Gaming had been busy and still is busy to post some interesting random gaming videos for all the viewers to enjoy. So here is the showcase of the three videos from the channel.

Shangri La Zombies – How to find Spikemore

For those who are playing this mode and have difficulty finding Spikemore here is a little video to guide you all. For those who do not know what Shangri La Zombies is, it is the ninth map in the Nazi Zombie game mode, released through the COD Black Ops Annihilation DLC map pack.The whole map is quite fancy though.

Shangri La - Hidden Song, Total Eclipse, Crash Landing Meteor, Radio Location & Perk Locations

Here is another guideline type video for the same game mode showing some easter eggs and displaying locations of some items. The meteor is a stunner though. If you like to find it yourself and be stunned then I advise not to watch this. Otherwise enjoy!

Nazi Zombies Modded Der Reise Lobby Including Care Package, Trampoline, Sky Base and Lunar Landers

If you can’t get enough of Nazi Zombie mode, here is very long one with so many good stuffs to view for your personal enjoyment. Enjoy watching while I sign off.

Note: If you like these videos, you may like some others videos posted on the same channel. I personally like the Speed Art videos. You can check them out all here.


Syed Rubayyat Akbar, NoobFeed.
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  • I don't understand why the first two videos don't have any sounds! And the video of Nazi Zombies still have a muscial background music pasted over the original environment sounds. This makes the videos kinda boring. Other than that, good sutff as always.

    Posted Aug 11, 2011

  • @ Sleven as i said before my capture card has gone all messed up and i cant record sound. However with the top video on the page i added the hidden song to the background. Also, im saving up for a HD PVR and when i get that not only will my videos have sound, they will be in full HD

    Posted Aug 12, 2011

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