Destroy All Humans! 2020 - How to Defeat Silhouette

Defeat America's last defense

By Grayshadow, Posted 27 Jul 2020

With Armquist and Robo-Prez now dead America has 1 last option, the leader of Majestic Silhouette. This trained warrior is armed with a Furon weapon and shielding. As humanity's last hope she'll do anything to kill Crypto.

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Like the previous boss fights, Silhouette has 3 phases. The first phase has Silhouette taking direct aim at Crypto before shooting mindlessly in all directions. You can easily avoid this using your jetpack and locking on to Silhouette. The best weapons to remove her shielding is the Zap-O-Matic or Disintegrator Ray. Once the shield is gone Silhouette will be vulnerable to damage but before the shield is gone she'll leap into the aim and prepare a special attack that causes massive damage and reverses your controls. You can stop this by destroying the shield and hitting Silhouette. Occasionally she'll call in a powerful strike on her position, protective barriers will be labeled as glowing lavender areas. If you go into the same barrier as Silhouette you can score some free hits and she'll run out, taking damage from her own strike.

Once her health is depleted she'll run to a charging pylon to recover health. Destroy it to prevent Silhouette from recovering but also be aware of the cannons defending the pylon. Using the Ion Detonator on these.

During the second phase, Silhouette will call on Majestic agents and start using a high-powered laser. Like before destroying the shields and if you need to you can brainwash the agents to help. Silhouette will also start spinning around, shooting in all directions but this can be avoided easily. If you're low on shields, brain extract some agents and recover your shielding quicker.

As before, Silhouette will run to another pylon and you'll have to take it out.

During the final phase, Silhouette will start covering the field in powerful rings that deal heavy damage and is more accurate in her shots. If you're low on ammo there will be supply caches by the cannons. Like the previous boss fights, this is panic mode and you'll just have to continue shooting until Silhouette falls.

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