The Medium - Water Tank Puzzle (Fallout Shelter)

How to get pass the water tanks

By Grayshadow, Posted 30 Jan 2021

When finally reaching the fallout shelter in The Medium Marianne will have to play engineer and find water to drain the water inside the shelter. Here's how to solve this puzzle.

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Your first task is to walk around the facility till you get to the control panel. Head around, turn off the electric current to get past the water, and interact with the console. 

Head back to the Eastern Chamber and use the Out of Body ability to go down and grab some Spirit Energy. Head to the main room where you started and recharge the electrical panel using the spirit blase.

Use the control panel to start draining the water. Move the water from the Eastern Chamber by placing 1/2 inside the West and 1/2 into the Central. Head down to the Eastern area and turn the valve. Now do the same for the West but don't worry about the Maw, it can't reach you yet. Head into the West Chamber and grab the valve at the end of the bottom area inside the locker. Use the bolt cutters and replace the valve. Now you can get into the Central Chamber. The final result should look like the image above.

Place 1/2 a tank into the West then into Water Tank 2. Next place 2/2 of water into the Easter Chamber, fill Water Tank 1 and fill the remaining water into the Eastern Chamber. Head down the West Chamber and you can now access the Central Chamber. The Maw is in here, this will take some luck but you need to rush past the creature and trigger the electrical current to fry it. There's no sneaking here, just rush it.

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