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How to complete The Red House

By Grayshadow, Posted 30 Jan 2021

The Red House holds a lot of answers to Marianne's past and it also contains a lot of puzzles. Here's how to complete them all.

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First, gather all 3 photographs. 

Rectangle - Base of the Upstairs

Circle - Right of the Circle frame one

Square - On the fireplace

The order is Square, Circle, Rectangle.

Head into the mirror and grab the mask inside the fireplace and cut open the flesh sac to grab the butterfly. Head back to Reality and the dollhouse is open.

Use the mirror and place it in the Red room. Head inside the mirror and open the sac close to the bed and grab the butterfly. Back in reality place the mirror in the dollhouse in the Green room. Head inside and open the sac at the base for a butterfly, grab the fish on the table left of the sack, and of the bed and grab the mask under the pillow. You can open the sac on the right side of the room and leave.

Head back to the Red room and use the Fish to open the sac on the left side. Grab the Butterfly, you should have 4. Simply match the Butterflies to the markings on the base of the bed locked box. Now you have 3 masks. Head back into the Green room and match the masks, its just trial, and error but once you're done rush out as The Maw will attack and the mirror will break after leaving, opening the basement.

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