Little Nightmares 2 The Black Tower - How to Solve the Door Puzzle

Little Nightmares 2's The Black Tower

By Grayshadow, Posted 12 Feb 2021

You've finally made it to the Black Tower. However, the way to Six is not easy as a series of doors will prevent Mono from reaching her. Here's how to bypass the dimensional doors. 

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It may seem random but the doors have a tell, the correct one is the one with the loudest music. Fans will remember this as Six's theme, simply head into the doors that play the music the loudest. However, certain sections will require more effort.

When in the third set of doors made sure to open the closed door. Do this by pushing the door on the lower left-hand side. In the 4th section make sure you push down the wood plank or you'll need to reset. These are the only 2 sections you'll need to prepare beforehand.

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