Little Nightmares 2 - Chess Puzzle Solution

How to solve the chess puzzle in Little Nightmares 2

By Grayshadow, Posted 12 Feb 2021


After being separated from Six Mono will come across a room with a chessboard. Solving the puzzle will grant you a key to the locked door below.

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When enter take the Bishop you used to open the door and place it on the left-hand piece by the table. Using the added height jump on the table and grab the piece. Toss down the Queen's head and place it on the piece closet to the King. It's right below it.

Next, head down and take the hallway to the right side to find the Rook piece. Grab it and place it on the left-hand side next to the left table. Now take the Bishop and place it on the right-hand piece by the right table. This should activate the lamp and you'll hear a clicking noise. Jump onto the table and grab the lamp to open the secret area behind the bookcases.

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