Resident Evil Village How to Defeat Dimitrescu (Boss Guide)

Dimitrescu takes on her final form

By Grayshadow, Posted 09 May 2021

Lady Dimitrescu is the final boss of the main castle and she is not happy Ethan killed her daughters. After stabbing Dimitrescu with the legendary dagger her true form will be revealed and you can take her down.

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The first phase is simple, shoot her main body on the back of the vampiric dragon. Once enough damage is done she'll retreat.

Grab the supplies before heading into the main arena. Now Dimitrescu will charge Ethan's position and you have 2 options here. You can run around and shoot her weak point from the back or keep your distance around the corner and shoot from the front.

When Dimitrescu glows red she'll charge forward so be aware of this. Once done she'll dash back and allow Ethan to return fire. Ammo and supplies are littered on the corners of each area if you need more.

Once enough damage is done she'll take flight. You can shoot her still when in the air, use a rifle or pistol. If Dimitrescu fires insects you can use guarding to reduce damage incoming.

During the second phase, you'll have less room to evade. Here use your shotgun to deliver heavy damage quickly. Block when needed and continue the assault until Dimitrescu dies.

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